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Hi all! I'm curently an gamesalad user, but this program has some really nice features. Looking forward to the iPhone exporter. I'll have fun trying to make an flash game in the meantime:)


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Hi there Stencylworkers :)

Name's Christopher and I'm an Italian 22yrs old guy, in love with videogames and few other things.
When I was 2, I was able to beat the very first levels of R-Type on my brother's Amiga600. I can say that I'm on the right way to be a lifelong gamer :P

I'm trying to engage a career in Game Industry as a Designer/Writer (an Emotioneer, maybe). I'm not completely new in the game development (but I moved only my very first steps) since I've released a little, crappy, emotion-driven adventure game based on the question "What inspires a child when he draws a doodle?".

'Nuff said. I'm new to Stencyl but I'm looking straightfordwardly to achieve some results with it and with this constantly growing community of supporters!
Christopher Sacchi - Wannabe Writer/Emotioneer |LinkedIn|Blog|
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"We do not stop playing because we grow old,
we grow old because we stop playing."


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Greetings to all of you. I'm not allowed to reveal my real name, but I can tell you a little bit about myself:

I'm a gamer (...)
I've been watching the production of Stencyl for a long time now....and it's good to see it finally out and working!
Ahhh, but sadly, I can't do anything with it, as Java is a pain (according to my parents, Oracle ripped us off). However, I can still contribute ideas.


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Hello Stencylers,

I'm Ryan, I'm an extreme game enthusiast and as a child I loved programs like Game Maker and always wish there was something similar that could be put on websites: here it is!

I'm a beginner programmer now, studying at university and I'm really hoping to become a good member of this community and contributing however I can.



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Hello everyone!
My name is Alex, and I'm a gameaholic.

I stumbled upon Stencyl a few days ago and have yet to produce anything out of it, but hopefully that will change as I learn the ins and outs of the behaviors. I already have a grand idea brewing in my head, but the initial apparent complexity makes the task seem daunting....
I have a little experience in object oriented programming languages (specifically Java) but not enough to be considered proficient.

My real talent is in music composition. That's what I really am: A musician.
I really want to make a game just so it can feature kick ass original music :)

Well anyways, I look forward to bouncing ideas off of you guys and I hope we all get along really well!


Hanz Ketchup

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I guess I kinda forgot to do this.
I'm Hanz Ketchup. My interests include musicing about in FL Studio 9, Stencyl, PC games, Nintendo games, and My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. If you're gonna say shit about that I'd prefer to keep it to PMs.
Over the summer you will hopefully see some games that my good friend made ~a year ago ported into flash, along with some originals with a different good friend. I can't wait to see what Stencyl is capable of after all these years in development! :>


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Hello Everyone,

      I am happy to now be a part of the Stencyl Community. I've been an avid fan of RPG Maker over the years, but I kind of lost interest in it as of late. Due to the loss of my job and the completion of every video game I own (Leaving me with no hobby), I decided I would get back into Game Development and hopefully actually finish one of my creations this time.

      I came across Stencyl while searching for resources for RMXP and am glad I happened upon it. It combines the simplicity of RPG Maker and the Ingenuity of Gamemaker into one and I am digging it. But anyways I'll cut this intro short. I love games, I love making games and I love getting to know new people and I look forward to being a member of the Stencyl Community.


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Hello, I'm brand-spanking new here on the forums. I found Stencyl a couple of days ago, that kind of new. I've always been interested in game development and design, and have grown up loving video games just as games, too. When I was younger I attempted to learn Blitz Basic as a language and never really got the hang of it, but would delude myself into thinking I could learn quickly to make games with friends and stuff. More recently I attempted using Unity to make a game, then quickly learned it wouldn't do what I wanted it to do(2D).
Then I got into Minecraft, and then by that I found the whole indie games scene, which lead me to finding Stencyl the other day! I'd like to stick to this and learn to make some fun games(I already have a few exciting ideas, I think).
I'm really into video game culture, I love pixel art and chiptune music. I'd say I'm a pretty creative person, I enjoy writing and taking pictures. I think I'm pretty stylish, too, and rock the skinny jeans. I like sandbox-style games the most(like Minecraft, I play that way too much, just like every other Minecraft fan) but also go for shooters and stuff like that, like Halo. Also I have a love for the Portal games that borders on unhealthy. I will be the first to tell you that the cake is a lie.
Anyways, this seems like a really friendly community that I'm excited to be a part of, and I hope to talk to you all here in the future!



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     Hello! My name is Blooguy, and I am currently(meaning when I am posting this) most likely the newest Stencyl member. I've had some fun poking around in Stencyl so far, and I look forward to making some awesome games with it. :D

Oh, and Rhys Simpson who doesn't type much, APPLE RULES.

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Hello, I'm brand-spanking new here on the forums.

Love your avatar. That's my favorite movie! :)


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Hello, I'm brand-spanking new here on the forums.

Love your avatar. That's my favorite movie! :)
Thanks! I love that movie. Kristofferson is totes my favorite character.


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I'm LunchPolice. The only thing game-related I can do is make sprites, though I just finished the Stencyl Crash Course.


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David Stringer here, also known as wa2insane.  Started playin video games back in the commodore days and grew up making games thru cards/legos & dice.
Never got around to making anything for a console.
Got addicted to video games thru zelda and metroid...then later when the original warcraft came out got me hooked on computer games.
Then Utopia snagged me onto the online scene.

Right now I'm just looking to make some simpler games to get my feet wet then soon hopefully join/create a team of developers who have an interest in developing a rts/fps persistant world sim.
Look forward to getting to know you all here.
btw, this is my first major attempt into the proggramming realm and I heard bout this thru kongregate.


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Hello, I am PW132! Just call me Peter. I am yet another Scratch user who is weary of some of the limiting factors of the program, (although I still think highly of it,) and would like to move up to a different program. This one seemed to be the obvious choice. I just finished the crash course, and I can tell I still have a whole lot of learning to do.

(And no, I don't talk this fancy all the time.)


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My name is Rodrigo Motta, 30 years and I'm designer. I study MA in design where digital games and entertainment applications. I am also a professor of game design and illustration at university in my town, Campina Grande, northeast Brazil. I have a TV show about games on local TV, called Diversity Games ( I know Stencyl through twitter and it was love at first sight. I love games.

Sorry my bad english. =)
Rodrigo Motta