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Welcome professor. There are threads around here about bringing Stencyl to some of the schools. Please try the tool out and let us know what you think.


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I've decided to give this a try because I love flash gaming and I always wanted to try making a game my self.  I have some programming experience using C for land survey applications but I've never progamed with flash.  I heard about this program on Kongregate where I am a regular poster in the off-topic forum.


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Hiya, I'm TrevMaster3000 and I want to be a game developer and I thought this program being free and unique I'd see how it is. Right now it's pretty neat and easy to follow, I have problems not being a great sprite artist so I'm trying to learn to make my own.

My favorite gaming comp: Nintendo
Favorite System: Nintendo DS
Favorite Games: Cave Story, Pokemon Soul Silver, Dragon Quest IX, and all Kirby games.

I hope to become a regular to the community and hope I can also provide entertainment on my way to becoming a programer.


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Howdy, my name is Arthur and I work for a big studio developing games professionally, but I've been looking for a good platform to be able to work on games independently. From what I've tried, Stencyl is great because it lets me make games easily and share them even easier :)

I hope to become an active community member and to both learn from the people here and help those that I can.


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Hi Everyone!

I have been waiting for Stencyl for a long time. Ive worked on different platforms such as scratch. Check out my first game: THE PLATFORMS, and tell me if you like it. I think stencyl is brilliant at making games. I cant wait for iStencyl and Stencyl 1.1!


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My name is... John ;D I'm 24 and I was an arcade addict when arcades were still easy to find, and if I ever finished anything, I'd be a game programming addict. For now I'm just addicted to starting them and filling up my hard drive with broken toys.

I do have a lot of experience (not only with Flash, but also C/C++ and Java). Don't ask me to coordinate your project though. If it's sunny outside I may be able to draw some sprites or make some sound effects/ambient music.

I'm pretty excited about StencylWorks!

My name is Rhys Simpson. I don't type much.

You are awesome.


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Hi! My name is Stan. and i am so happy that I found Stencyl! cant wait to learn this wonderful tool. Im an artist so this is perfect for me. I live in LA California and im 26.




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Hi Guys!. My name is Nicolas and im 20, and im an aspiring VideoGame Designer. Im studying Video Game design in Instituto Arcos, Chile. Been programming in AS3 with flixel for like 1 or 2 months, and found stencyl and easy way to prototype games real fast. I just started learning stencyl, and the learning curve is so fast. Im very happy with it.

My favorite games are Indie Games. Right now i got an Xbox 360 "Gamertag Aenopix" if anyone wants to add me.


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I’m Super19. I’m twelve, and I am a procrastinator. I often times don’t finish things, but I’m still awesome.

I don’t have much to say. I (like Irock) love “The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker” I’ve re-played it at least five times.

I use Scratch, and love it. So when I heard about Stencyl I was like “Awesome!”


I live in the US. Love my country, hate my government.

I don’t understand the meaning of names so I go by:
Jimmy} Case Closed Fans, you understand.
Mitch} And sometimes I call the girl I like “Rachel” because she doesn’t get it.
Max: always loved this name. :P
Nineteen: I get people to call me that for fun. lol
Peter: Always loved this name. And if you read the Fudge series, you understand. Also, Peter Pan. I liked him when he wasn’t Disney. Now they’ve ruined him. And Tinkerbell. Who was supposed to be a jealous SPEECHLESS fairy.
Thomas: I loved Thomas The Train when I was a kid. If you liked Thomas the Train, you understand.

I consider my self an Artist with my odd talents that include:
Self-taught gymnastics,
Walking silently,
Climbing ANYTHING,
Thievery. Lol,
and Karate.

:D I hope I can make good friends and good games on Stencyl!


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Hello, my name is Unknown Normals (sometimes known in the past as TMW14 or TheMaskedWonder14.) and I am 15 years old. I've known about Stencyl for over a year, forgot about it right before it launched (literally) and just now signed up. Whoo. My favorite games consist of many (and I mean MANY ) Legend of Zelda games (yes, even the Phillips CD-i games), Portal and Portal 2, Braid, Animal Crossing, and MOTHER 3. Favorite hobbies include reading, biking, throwing sticks at hurricane clouds, and struggling through teahing myself how to create pixel art, music, and coding in Java.

Since about 5 years ago or so I've been interested in creating games. I traveled from platform to platform, hoping for something to fit my needs and desires as a developer. I found a program called Atmosphir, which, in my opinion, took a turn for the worse and I am never going back. Still, it was fun while it lasted. After I found Stencyl a year ago, I got really excited and decided that it's my time to learn how to be a pixel artist and actually finish something.

And now, a little history. When I was about 5 or 6, I had an SNES. I vaguely remember raging at Super Mario Bros. and kicking the console as hard as I could, and it's been broken ever since. I long for the days where I can find a new SNES (well, new as it can get) and play such classics like Earthbound, Super Mario Bros., and Final Fantasy III. And then, I moved on to a period where I thought picture frames were laptops and laptops didn't exist in a functional form. And then they did.

After that came the "Computer Gaming"era of my life when I was 10 and I've fallen in love ever since.

And so, I end with a favorite quote of mine: "Nwehehehe!" (Mother 3/ Earthbound 2)


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Hi!  My username here is OpenHeartSound, real name is Joshua Kaplan.  I'm older than many of you folks (mid thirties), and probably a lot less mature than most.

I've been an editor and a marketing guy and I've worked as a project mgr in the design dept of an anime company... but just this past year I decided I was going to dedicate myself to fully pursuing my lifelong dream of doing sound design for games.  I've been trained & got a handful of impressive (at least to me) collabs under my belt now... and I'm now focused on parlaying that whole package into an actual career change.

So where does Stencyl come into play?  Well I had an idea that I wanted to make myself a "playable portfolio" that I could put on my website.  I figured it would be more interesting to potential collaborators and employers than just having the standard boring demo reel up there.  I read an article about this place, downloaded the tools, and about 2 weeks later have an almost-completed prototype!   It's been a lot less daunting than I thought it was going to be - largely due to the friendly assistance of folks in the chatroom.  :)

(By the way the WIP game is here if you want to check it: )

I'm also a single parent to two little kids (currently 4 & 6 but birthdays right around the corner).  My kids are hooked on Kongregate and similar sites, and that was part of the inspiration for wanting to get into doing game audio.  They think I'm Mr.Cool Dad when they hear my songs in a "REAL GAME"  Getting to record their little voices for use in kid-targeted games is a bonus as well.

Not a lot of time left for personal interests.  Like I said I worked at a manga & anime company for a few years, and so there's a bit of Otaku in me.  DMC, Eyeshield21, and TekkonKinkreet are my favorites ATM.  Also I am a serious music fan.  When the kids are asleep I'm either making music or else I'm looking through Soundcloud, etc, trying to find good underground artists.  TBH right now I'm just going through twitter & finding the portfolios of other indie sound designers.  I swear there are so many awesome composers in this scene.  Why would anyone support those crap pop stars when there's so much REAL good stuff out there being made by honest folks in their own bedroom studios? Anyway...

I came here looking to make a portfolio thingee.  And that's now almost done.  But I've got more ideas now for other games, and even better... I've got ideas about how to actually make them.  I still really want to collaborate and focus on the audio thing, but now I'm seeing it won't be hard to make my own games on the side.  Hope to get to know folks & maybe contribute to some of your projects soon!

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Hey, how's it going? As you probably saw, I go by Verdande. You can call me Ix, if you like.

I'm a mid-twenties guy, going for his engineering degree at a local college. I'm alternately super-enthusiastic and totally indifferent to a lot of things. You can think of it like mood swings, if you like, but it's not a big deal.

I tend to be self-effacing and also have a seriously dry sense of humor. Also big into absurdism, so if I say something that's totally off the wall, don't take it personally. It was probably meant to be humor. It's not obvious, after all, and that's cool.

I've been making games since I was a wee sprat- first board games, then pen and paper games (when I discovered D&D in my youth), and then computer games when I could get my hands on them. I can't program worth beans, but that's mostly because I'm the kind of guy who really needs a mentor, or at least a teacher, to really get something through my thick skull. Other than that, it's all self-taught through experimentation and trial-and-error.

Creation is the most important thing in my life. If I'm not making a game, I'm writing. If I'm not writing, I'm doodling prototypes of mechanical things that solve problems I'm thinking of. If I'm not doodling, I'm probably asleep or drunk.

I'm a caffeine addict, and I don't care. I stay up way too late at night and get the sudden urge to write forum posts (hello, you) in one giant mass of non-rereading and totally unproofreading stuff, and then the sentences run together and noun-verb agreement goes peeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew-ktchum. Don't worry about it, it's ok.

Thanks for reading, have a great day. :)


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Hey guys. You probably won't see me around much, I'll most likely be lurking. I went by the name Uberpwn_w00t on some other forums. I'm an art and music dude. One day I might work up the motivation to pursue some kind of creative endeavor on here. Until then, forget I ever said anything.


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My name's Gonz, I'm almost 20, and I'd rather leave my place of origin up to your imagination.

I love all things indie, be it music, games, comics or films. I like discovering little gems, introducing them to everyone I know, and then letting my friends introudce me to their little secret guilty pleasure bands and stuff like that.

I can't draw a straight line, my coding experience is non-existent and my instrument-playing skills are best described as mediocre. I'm a writer, through and through. I'm interested in exploring the narrative potential in games.

I have a few musician friends, and both my brother and girlfriend draw pretty well, so all I was missing was the code to make it all happen, which is why StencylWorks was a natural fit for me. I wrote the script for the game I'll be working on first approximately a month ago, and I'm pretty familiar with the basic program, as well as basic level design and the cutscene manager. My brother and I are currently in the process of figuring out which mechanics work best for the story and setting, and seeing how much of a hassle it would be to implement them.

I'm not going to lie, you will probably find me begging for someone to code a thing or two for me, 'cause I really don't know jack about programming.

So, yeah. This project is kind of a suicide mission, basically.


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My name is SlimeKnight.  I have been interested in making games for a while, although I have never finished any of them.  Ever.:-[

My favorite games include Dragon Quest V, Shadow of the Colossus, Super Smash Bros. Brawl, and Zelda II.  In fact, my current project is based of of Zelda II.

I am no stranger to programming, thanks to RPG Maker, but I am terrible at scratch spriting.:'(  If you could point me out on where to get some advice, that would be appreciated.
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