What's in a name? StencylWorks is now Stencyl.


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As a long time follower of Stencyl I will admit to being intitially thrown by the name "StencylWorks." I almost thought it was a seperate product in addition to what Stencyl was going to be. I think simplifying things will be good for the future. :)


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Ha this is kinda cool. I have always called it Stencyl in a casual way, but when I explain to people about what I do, I explain that I use Stencyl"works", which was fine but now, it's just nice and casual. Stencyl will always be Stencyl for me :)


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Does it mean that now Stencyl no longer works? :<

(also, I don't really remember using the full name before, but I guess I'll keep using "Stencyl" interchangeably with SW. Oh well! ^^')


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Nice interesting post, I was confused as well with iStencyl, Stencyl, Stencylworks, much better now with just one name, keep up the nice posts Jon 


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Does it mean that now Stencyl no longer works? :<

No, it means that it works so well, we don't have to clarify anymore. :P


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It was interesting reading about how you came up with the name.

I suspected this would happen someday.

Much better for newcomers. ;)


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Good idea, lot less confusing.


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Hey, this is very cool, I like it a lot!  :)
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