Stencyl games raise funding on Kickstarter


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Kickstarter is a crowdfunding site, where a bunch of people pledge money to your project. I'm aware of 2 Stencyl games that have sought funding through it. 1 succeeded, and 1 just went up today.

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Kickstarter is a great idea and I have been involved in 3 different projects that have been funded by it! You just need to make it interesting enough and give people the right incentive to fund your project. Before you start your own kickstarter, I would recommend, not only going through the ones that have succeeded, but look at the ones that have failed and ask yourself "Why did they fail where the other ones worked?"

A big thing also, is use that social media! Get it all over facebook and twitter! Get someone to interview you and post about it on their site.
One project was only 50% funded and then Wired did an article about it and they got 50k in one day!
Do your research, make an awesome video, give people good incentive!