Anchored actors not showing on Flash and IOS export


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I have set up a scene that is larger than the camera view. Anchored to the scene (bottom left)  is my GUI and a background, just above the GUI I have my character with the "camera follow" code. Now when I preview my game both Flash and IOS the GUI does not show.

If I create a new scene with a height that means the camera can't move up and down the GUI is anchored.

Actual Result:
A blank space is shown where the GUI and the background is expected and the background does not show at all. (after screenshot)

Expected Result:
Gui and background to always be in position. (before screenshot)


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Every time I've had problems with the "anchor" block, it turned out that I had forgot to disable collisions for a UI element, or had put it in the wrong collision block. This caused my UI to get "flung" off the screen immediately.


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Hi Cole,

I just double confirmed :-)
My GUI graphic has no collision box, Physics are off in both tabs and just for testing I made sure no objects where around the area. (So that nothing could push it or move it). Oh and I turned off physics in the environment.

When I launched the game the same issue was presented.

What makes me think it's a bug is that if I do exactly the same but keep the tile size height to 10 then everything is fine.

I'm creating this game for the Iphone and a height of 10 is the perfect fit (landscape), anything bigger is not and this is when I hit the issue.


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Just tested out a theory I had and it's worked. I'm pretty sure this is a bug.

So to get it working, I have had to leave my GUI actor anchored in the position it would be if the height of my game was 10 tiles high.

Steps to recreate:
Create a new scene Height 10 Width 150
Add a long thin bar to the bottom of the scene.
Turn of Collision and physics
Add an Anchor to the thin bar graphic.
Select 'Scene Properties'
increase the height to 20.
Preview the game.
Note the Gui is in position.

It's a bit frustrating,  as you can see in my screenshot I've got graphics out of place...