lag while flying in air

kid clementina

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In Flash testing, very occasionally, my game will sort of chug and lag for less than a second - usually while my player character is flying through the air.

I'm assuming this is more a limitation of the physics engine/flash, not a bug in my behaviors.

Is there much I can do about this? It's not game breaking at all, but it is a little less polished than I'd like it to be.

The FPS doesn't even drop down that much. Maybe down to like 45 at the lowest for about a millisecond - but only on the very rare occasion that it's lagging. Then right back up to 59/60 for pretty much all of the time.

(I'm using some of the extended jump & run kit, though with some mods and dozens of other custom behaviors).

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kid clementina

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Alright: this is becoming a more serious issue. I'm building on a newish Macbook Pro and when I test on it, everything is fine, the vast majority of the time.

However on some other systems I've been testing, there is very serious lag issues all the time. Slowdown to about 12 frames a second, and what's strangest is that it doesn't seem to be anything in particular that's causing it. There are no warnings in the flash debug console. It is possible that these are less powerful systems - but I wouldn't think my game was all that big or complicated.

But sometimes on systems that seem like they're running fine at first, after the swf file has been open for a while it will start to degrade. It will slowdown to 12 frames a second, and then behaviors will start randomly breaking.

This is very strange since on my laptop it is fine 99 percent of the time.

It is also pretty worrying. What could be causing this?

kid clementina

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Finally seemed to figure out what might be causing SOME of the lag (although I'm still not sure it's the whole problem).

When the mouse cursor moves around on screen, the game drops 20-30 frames.

I don't use the mouse for game play, but I do use it for level select scenes, and pause menus. I'll see what I can do about deactivating it when I'm not using it.

I'd imagine the engine is constantly finding the x-y position of the cursor at all times, but a mouse cursor is a pretty core part of most games, so it seems odd that it would not be inherently better optimized.


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So, I understand why my game have a lot of lags...and I know what is the causes...I make a game with a lot of air jumping and it has a lot of What should i do know?? my game almost done...and I am new comer in creating game....thank you for the information by the way....