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i wanted to know if there is some function to detect when a tweening function is finished like in actionscript when you can use onMotionFinished. I did'nt find anything about it in the community or help.

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Stencyl uses Caurina's Tweener. When adding a tween, you have the option to provide a callback to know when the tween is done.

I'm attaching an AS3 soruce file as an example of how I handle tweens. In particular, the the example uses tweening to move an actor. Due to timing issues, the final position of the actor may be off by a couple of pixels (quite bad for low-res games), so I use a callback to precisely palce the actor when the tween is done.

Note that you don't need to use bitwise operations to keep track of tweens. I happened to do it that way because of an assignment (they're handy if you have plenty of tweens to track though).
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thank you! i'm going to use that
and sorry but the callback is not available as a block in design mode?