Flash to IOS black screen and crash when loading scene!


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When selecting the scene to play on the device a black screen is shown then the game crashes.

The scene to load and play like it does in Flash.

Scene Details
Width 700
Height 39

I'm pretty sure this is connected to the last issue I raised http://community.stencyl.com/index.php/topic,8789.0.html

The whole creating of scenes outside the "boundaries" of the IOS device see to be the cause or at least that's where I'm seeing issues.

Please can this be looked at?


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when you import image for background ! important you have retina x1 x2 x1.5 x4 if you use 1x the file picture will be the same size as the file you have in your computer ex : 640x480 picture imported at 1x its same size ! but imported at x2 it will be 320x240 half its size! reimport the backgrounds image by deleting the frame  or animation of actor if its an actor! if its a simple background just simply delete old frame add new frame! dont use import over old frame cause then you will use same retina you used before to make image  smaller! in you case i think is x4 but try setting it at x1 if its a 640x480 game or other custom file !
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