Google Maps in 8-bit


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That is awesome. Google always has a great new thing for... this time of year.

Its even more awesome when you go to and click "quest". 8-bit street view is rad!


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I saw, it was pretty awesome. There's all sorts of special sprites spread across the world too, from buildings like the Eiffel Tower to the Loch Ness Monster.


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My oldest brother called me when he found this. Told me I had to go to Google Maps right away. I did, and we spent at least an hour hunting for monsters over the phone. :D

If not for Google, I don't think I'd give a second thought to April Fools day.

Just watched the video. "Blow on the cartridge to fix bugs." Hahaha

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Well, it certainly looks entertaining, though one thing amazed me.

When I typed in the name of my street, the icon there was water! Given that there were rains recently, and today even some snow, I think that with all those holes in my street it's quite likely that there are many puddles out there, making this water quite an accurate icon.

So yes, pretty amazing, huh? ^^'


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Best part: all of the graphics (and music, in the case of the video) are actual rips of Dragon Quest, a game I have a great amount of nostalgia for. <3

I had only looked at Maps first, and realized the little blue guy you could place on the map looked familiar.  I watched the video afterward, seeing that the font they chose for the logo mimicked the Dragon Quest logo.  The grand kicker of all, though, was when the family got the 'game' running and that title screen music started.  After that plays music from DQ's file select and overworld.  Awww yeahhh.