How did you find out about us?


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I just heard about it from Gamepro and i am completely intrigued by this! I cannot wait to get to creating and was just thinking how i wanted to make some good Android games!

I know a little bit of programming so if possible, is there a way i can help or be shown a direction to get some of these working on androidOS? I'd like to get a team of people together to work on this kinda port!


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Googling* > Game Development... Well it started as a school project so i browse for a game maker.


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A friend of mine recommended it to me. Glad he did.


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I found out a few months back from the page on Flash Game Dojo:


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Awesome. I'm glad my post was of interest to some people.


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a long long time ago. I think it's from gamingworld) or from
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My brother told me about it around 4 years ago because he knew I was into game making, and after a bit I joined the forum, beta etc. I think he found it via masterofhyrule's videos on youtube.
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I heard about Stencyl through Olivia on, an indy game making site.
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I think I found out about Stencyl when Charas-Project was giving away beta stuff back in January.
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It was Rhys

When he was banned off scratch for like the forth time, five months ago, he said (probably on a proxy) he was moving to Stencyl.


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I think it was about four years ago, when someone posted a link to the old forums on the Advance Wars Net message boards.


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I came across Stencyl about a year and a half ago when searching for an easy to use game maker. I applied for the beta (but never got a place D:) and waited for its release ever since. And now, here it is, and I really like it :)
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