How did you find out about us?


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I read about it on the Kongregate news page.


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I was conversing with some local devs here in NYC about rapid prototyping and the tools used in the industry. Stencyl came up in the conversation (however at the time it was in beta and I did not get a chance to participate). But now it is LIVE and here I AM!



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I just spent long hours looking for a free game maker that was more sophisticated than Scratch and here I am.

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I ran came accrossed it  back when it was intended to be a mario maker.


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I'm a scratcher, and someone I know (in real life) told me about Stencyl. So I tried it.  :)


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I found out from, by chance, spotting the Kongregate news post


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I found out about you on the Kongregate Programming forum. Initially everyone was complaining about how much Stencyl sucked, but when people started showing up to defend Stencyl I decided to check you guys out.


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Master0fHyrule on YouTube mentioned Stencyl in the description of his videos. I got curious and now I'm on here.  ;D
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xmagicx60 made a topic on Incredibots Forums (IF) about stencyl. I played her game, then tons of others, now I downloaded the game and plan to begin game making!
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I found out from the Gaming and Technology section of


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I found out from the Gaming and Technology section of
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There was an article about this site (actually, more about this StencylWorks program) in a Turkish technology magazine:
Read it if you dare... or can :)
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I asked a friend of mine who knows about games and game programs and stuff if there was any program that was good for making games that would make them in Flash, because I wanted it to be compatible with Macs and PCs.

He linked me to some things, I didn't have many options. The next day he was like, "Oh yeah and then there's StencylWorks I dunno what it is but try it" so it was everything I wanted, from the sound of it.

...But I still can't figure out some of the simplest things and constantly want to cry. X3 This sounds like a great program and place but I've really made no progress on my game. ;____;


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I was on Kong, I asked someone what they used to make games. :/ pretty obvious what they said. They said Stencyl