How did you find out about us?


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I found out about Stencyl from this "How to Make a Video Game" guide on Digital Trends. It lists other software, but I decided to go with Stencyl because it seems to meet my needs, is free to use Stencyl 2.2.0, and I could get it to work really well on Lubuntu 12.10 without too much effort.


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My dad is a graphic designer so he had to make a finacial app for a company and he said you can also make games. So being that i love video games to death and that i've always wanted to be a video game designer i thought i'd start with stencyl. ever since i was 3 and played Halo i wanted to go into the video game business and Now, at 13 im gonna make my first game ever!

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I was reading this thread (may require an account) on Something Awful and saw that Stencyl was recommended for beginner developers... somewhere in the thread, it's probably like 100 pages back now... over Game Maker, since Stencyl was generally more user-friendly.


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Right there is where I'm pretty sure I first heard of Stencyl, though what actually got me inspired to start using it and frequenting the forums was hearing about, reading up on and pledging to Ghost Song. That said, I don't want to leave the impression that I joined an entire community of great people and fellow game developers because of one game project, (though it is turning out to be a damn fine game) but it was what really got me interested in learning the program, and so I'm planning on spending the coming months hopefully learning to use Stencyl little by little, and developing my own personal projects to share with you guys and improve upon, as well as contributing to the community and checking out other peoples' projects as well!


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I found out about Stencyl from doing a simple Google search for "2d gamemaking software".

I've previously used GameMaker Studio, which seems to only get worse with each so-called "update" that always breaks something else, or they just slap a band-aid on a broken thing and call it fixed. Seriously annoying and I regret buying GM.

I've only been playing with Stencyl since yesterday but I already feel way at home using it! I love everything, especially the scene editor and tileset editor. And the visual scripting is WAAAY cool. I usually prefer programming but the visual scripting in Stencyl makes everything so easy and fast, and it works just as well as actual code, if not better!

I wish I had known about Stencyl back when it first came out, would have saved me a lot of time! :)
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A direct link to the source would be great.
A friend told me about Stencyl. Later, I did a Google search for "What are the best 2D game engines?"
Then, I found Stencyl listed here:

I usually prefer programming but the visual scripting in Stencyl makes everything so easy and fast
  • Various block improvements and additions (for heavily requested blocks)
With this new improvements in Stencyl v3.2 the visual scripting will be even faster! ;)

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I have been on Stencyl Quite a while (Half a year )  , and have never really said how I found out about Stencyl , So here is how I found out :I was browsing on the web for a game creator when I found this article      and I followed the link and thats how I found out about Stencyl :) .


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After downloading Unity and scratching my head for a few days, I googled 'game engines for mac', spent a few hours reading and sweating over the variety of options.  Once I saw the Stencyl block interface and read parts of the Stencylpedia, I changed my pants and then clicked download.  L-O-V-E  it!
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Direct link? :P

I've always had an instinct that games can be created without much coding skill. I've searched how to make games without coding. This would atleast be 6 - 7 years ago. Back then, I knew about many game engine. For some reasons, I didn't try out any engines other than 'Game maker'. I wasn't successful back then. So dropped it. But I've known about stencyl then itself. After android boom, I just recently thought I should try it again. Searched Game Engines, tried almost all game engines. Stencyl is the best of all. I repeat, stencyl is the best of all.
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I'm a Game Salad user but i was looking for a game creation tool that could create games to Mac and Windows and not just  to mobile devices.

After tried few others programs then  i found Stencyl. I liked it and i'll give a try.


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I became aware of Stencyl's existence because of Kongregate, where I'm an active user.

I literally Googled "Game dev software for OS X" :D