How did you find out about us?


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I was introduced by my teacher and she thought I'd like it. And I do! :P :P :P


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My brother got a stackskills programming bundle from gizmag, It had some stencyl tutorials by Richard Sneyd.


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just found you out from when I search for "Satellite boxes". How amazing :D


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I know you guys from Google :D enjoy my stay here ;)


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Found you guys from Google,too lol  :) I hope to have good time over here :D


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through my friend's referral :d just a month ago and now I am here :)

Years ago, I used game maker fairly extensively (before it was "studio", if I'm not mistaken), and I struggled to eher complete any projects when I used it. Partly because of lack of experience, and partly because it seemed so daunting. About 4 years ago, after learning BASIC and trying realllyyy hard to learn 6502 Assembly, I gave up.  About a year ago, I went back to game maker and saw how much it has changed in the last 10 years, and felt a little discouraged that I had fallen so far out of touch with something I always wanted to pursue but put on the back-burner. I started doing mad google-searches at night to whittle my options down to different development platforms that I felt seems easy enough to start learning how to think like a programmer again, and not just vomit command lines without knowing how to put it all together.

Stencyl became my ever-increasing path of viability after all of my research, and I'm glad I found it. The Internet, probably 30 different websites and forums, is how I found and ultimately decided to use and learn Stencyl as my jumping-off point. Now that I have some experience under my belt with it, though, I don't think it's just a starting point anymore. I see possibilities with this platform for years to come. And I really do feel thankful that the people working on this program decided to do it and keep updating it to make a real option for game development.

Thanks, google! And Stencyl!


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I wanted to start making games so I did some research online and found Stencyl after a few days, and after I got it a while later, it has been worth it.
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I found you guys when I was searching for 2d unity alternatives on google. Stencyl looks really simple to use and that caught the attention of my eye.


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Found this place through

And I have to say I probably wouldn't have discoved Stencyl without it. It took weeks of failing on other engines and Googling, lucky I didn't give up as this seems to have what I need to get started.


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A search engine. I searched something like "top best free game maker", then looked at several lists. Stencyl was in most of them.
Tonight I'll make a game like Skyrim or Call of Duty. It'll be called Delusional.


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I found out via my teacher last year, this game engine has proven quite useful and easy to understand for me and I love it!


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Me doy cuenta de la situación porque vi en youtube como ganar dinero y vi un video para crear juegos y ganar dinero, después de haberte dicho las páginas web para crear juegos. Stencyl, Andromo, QuickAppNinja y eleji Stencyl porque me decia crear cuenta pero en las otras paginas web decian crear cuenta con facebook y otra cosa ... :D ;) :P


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@yonny3443, bienvenido. Me gustaría ver ese vídeo que tú viste.
I'm spanish, excuse me for my bad English.
I'm not a private teacher. Please, post your questions in the public forum.

Kongregate, after finding there are Tutorials for Stencyl. This is not actually a direct influence to find out about this. I searched it on Bing to find this site and now I am using it as a way to come back into finally making a passion about making video games. That's how I end up here.

I really want to make games in my life, and this is my start.