How did you find out about us?


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Some one mentioned it on Twitter (can't remember who) & I made the test game & was hooked :D
I own an iPhone, MacBook & developer account - so once iStencyl is out I'll be first in the queue to pay some money back to you guys & get some games made.

You can also apply for the beta if you'd like to take a hands on sneak peek of it.


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this is funny, but im working on making a html5 game and a iOS game, so i found the game salad site trough an ad. In the forum someone was complaining about gamesalad and mentioning Stencyl, i decide to take a look at stencyl so i googled, and found that stencyl is too much better :-)
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TIGSource, oddly after looking for anything listed there made in GM. v:
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"Pixel Pusher" told me about Stencyl some time ago... :)
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I found out through a piece on some time agao.


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I found out about Stencyl when a friend of mine on the #ludumdare channel on Afternet mentioned using it for a project.

At the time, it was still in beta, but I checked up on it last weekend and saw that it's now open, so I signed up.


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Google ;)

I was looking for new/free engines (i'm also learning unreal)

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Someone mentioned this site on Gamesalad.


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a friend of mine showed it to my game design class
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