GameCenter sandbox issue


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GameCenter sandbox doesn't work.
I'm setting in reference to
My simulator is 5.0.
What should I do?
Thank you.


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I´m guessing what you want, but if the problem is highscores not showing, you need to log in at least two user accounts in GameCenter and submit highscores from your game  to get this going. It´s an Apple issue, it seems.

(And described at the bottom of the article you refer to)


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Hi. gplar. Thanks for reply.
I'm ashamed to say, I don't know in beginner level.
In fact, Game Center Log in panel wasn't displayed.
I'm trying about setup Game Center in Initializing Game Center.

I'd like to display this.But...

This log in panel without sandbox was displayed...

Please Help me...


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And you have set up Gamecenter for your app in iTunes Connect?

"For brevity, we’ve assumed that you’ve set up Game Center in iTunes Connect - otherwise none of the following will work. If you have not done that, skip to the “Setting up Game Center in iTunes Connect” section at the end for instructions."

In the article:


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I can not still.
I have a need to review more the registration procedure of GameCenter.
So, I will try to check again.
Thank you gplar!
I will look at