[iOS] [FIXED] Touch Blocks Missing from Block Editor


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I have a fresh install of the 13.04 nightly build (but issue persists for a while, on all beta & nightly versions of 2.0 I've installed since 2 months or so).

I do not see touch input blocks on the block editor. Below a screenshot (taken from example game, which is converted to mobile).
If I copy/paste blocks from other behavior, I think I can use them, but still, no way to access them normally...

I've been trying to solve it myself, reinstall stencyl, try different projects... nothing helps, I give up :)

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For the nightly build you have to install a patch to enable iOS features:

Want to enable iOS exporting in 2.0?

Copy the ios/ folder inside this ZIP file to [STENCYL_INSTALL_FOLDER]/plaf/

The Patch


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Damn, I feel like a noob, I read about enabling iOS exporting in 2.0, but didn't think it'd affect input blocks as well. I'm still developing in flash and planing to test and buy a license once I'm sure of my results.
Thanks for a fast reply!