Post your favorite game music ...


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I was really impressed by this arrangement (Seiken Densetsu 2) :

Do you have a favorite "game music" arrangment? Post some links here - we'd all love to hear em:)


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I like videogame arrangements, my favorite is probably this one: Sonic CD - Stardust Speedway Goodfuture Remix  :)
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Crystalis. Beep Boop lol.. I have huge respect for NES composers, a lot of them straight up wrote their music in HEX... Seriously... Hex... Wrap your mind around that garageband users lol.


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My favorite video game soundtrack comes from Chrono Cross.  Back when the game first came out I was really digging almost every song while playing the game.  I still think they're great.  This guy has most of them on his page -


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Legend of Dragoon.  The whole track.  I love lots of video game music, but LoD stuff punches me in the face with childhood nostalgia and newfound appreciation. 

First 5 Tracks, the first is my favorite.

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I really love a lot of game music. Metal Gear, Shadow of the Colossus, Zelda, the Mana series. But if you force me to pick one...

Dissidia version of the Final Fantasy Prelude.

Final Fantasy is my favorite series of all time, and this music means a lot to me. It's just perfect.
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You guys should check out if you're into game music.
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I'm into a lot of game music, but by far, these 3 are my favorites.

Nintendo and Valve never disappoint with their music. The 1st one brings back a LOT of nostalgia from a boss I was scared of for some reason as a kid.

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Man, I don't know if I can narrow it down that well, but a few soundtracks from games I love are:

-Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King
-Cave Story
-Paper Mario series

Taking a quick peek at my iTunes reveals that the top 3 tracks I've listened to the most are...
-Geothermal, Cave Story:
-Snowman, Earthbound:
-Blue Desert, Opoona: