How about a contest where you can only use pre-shipped behaviors


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it's time to stress out the prefabs and see what they can do. I'm in just for fun. Rules agreed!
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Good idea!
I already have some concept ready!
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I dunno about it... I don't like using pre-built behaviors, but if it's just for a fun little contest, I guess so.
Just out of interest, why not? I don't have a problem with it, and won't take it personally :P I'm just interested to know what problems you have with them.

@OP I'd be very interested to see what you could do with these, and I actually think this would be a really good opportunity for people to try and "break" the behaviours - e.g. a large amount of testing that should hopefully bring any remaining bugs to the surface for me and captaincomic to finish off.

I wouldn't like it since they'd all fall into only a few categories, mostly platformers. I prefer more variety.

What sort of stuff would you be more looking for? I imagine you're not alone, but we need to know the specific sort of stuff that you'd like if there's any chance of us having a crack at it.

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I'm in! Anyone want to do a collab for this comp? I will give full credit to whoever helps me with it?


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Well officially the Prefab Jam is over tomorrow. But feel free to make a game based on the Jam's rules whenever:,9787.15.html