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Hey, Started on a project based on Zombie assault 2... Made an Zombie that follow's my player and all that stuff... Now when i add 10 zombies into the same scene it starts to lag. When i got 100 Zombies in the same scene everything lags up alot...

Sas Zombie Assault 2 had over 100 Zombies on a screen without any lag. Fix this now please, Thanks ! >:(

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Are the zombies set to "make always active"?  If so, there will definitely be some lag if they're all trying to follow the player.


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I think i fixed it a little, i saw i had my bullet's set to live when outside of screen wich is very bad.
40 % of lag is gone now, im also chaning the gameplay so it wont be so many zombies. Thank's for helping anyway  :)


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Try it creating actors.
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