Art of Video Games Exhibit at the Smithsonian American Art Museum


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Hellooooooo!!  ^O^

If you've been around Stencyl for a while, maybe you remember me mentioning this exhibit last year, back when voting (for what games would be included) was going on on its official site.

Well, now the exhibit is open!  I went there last week and took a few pics. c:  You can stop by the Smithsonian American Art Museum in Washington DC to see it for yourself until it ends on September 30.

Here's a page with lots of info about the exhibit (the videos in particular are very cool!).

And now on to my photos!  I tried to put these in a spoiler tag to keep this post minimal but it didn't work??  Anyway tho...

The very first thing you see upon reaching the Art of Video Games exhibit is this video montage of every game they feature. Taking pictures of it was hard haha.

Here's all of the games featured in the video montage, along with music credits.

Only the first room of the exhibit showed any concept art, which surprised me because I kind of anticipated more
you know
of video games

Another little collection of concept art. There are two Sonic stages illustrated here that I thought were cool - Mushroom forest (top right) and some factory (bottom center-ish-left).

The games featured were categorized into these five eras.

Gamers.  Us gamers.  (Bonus video footage my boyfriend took!  That's me talking in the background and laughing like an idiot.)

The next room had huge stations where anyone could step up and play a few minutes of one game from each of the five eras covered. The playable games were Pac Man, Super Mario Bros, Secret of Monkey Island, Myst, and Flower.

I'd never seen footage of Flower before this, although I had heard of it and it always intrigued me. Very pretty, meditative game. I'd like to make games like this.

The next room is probably the one you spend the most time in. The major consoles each get their own displays and you can watch informative videos about the four games featured there:

...So I'm a little biased.

And next, the guestbook:

The guestbook at the end that was definitely worth flipping through to see what visitors were saying... This is the kind of stuff that was in it.  Pages and pages of it.

My contribution to the guestbook.

...And Aaron's contribution to the guestbook.

Oh yeah, and there were pigeons.
I kind of... really like pigeons.

And that's all of my pictures!!

Video games are art!!  The museum said so!


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+1 like. I wish I could get to DC (and I'm closer than a great deal of the population of USA too) to see this exhibit.
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So basically it's just a way to get kids to museums? That's not a bad idea.


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Ah, I know the guy who spearheaded this whole effort. He's the guy who previously ran the Java gaming effort at Sun. He kept all his contacts up to date on this project over the past year or so, and it's cool to finally see it out in the open.


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Ah, I know the guy who ...

Jon, you know everybody.


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That looks really interesting! If I lived in the DC area I would totally go.