game help needed!


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so i decided to make a pokemon style RPG from scratch and i need concept ideas and possibly an
example. i havent got to far yet so ideas may be excepted as well. :)


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Given the difficulty of the mechanics you would have to implement, I must confess that I'm surprised to read that you have no ideas of your own. I suggest you come up with a single game mechanic and then build a simple game around that first.
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If you've never made a game before, let alone an RPG, I recommend you take Hectate's advice to heart: stop, back up, and try something simple first.

You can make an RPG in Stencyl. It's just really freaking hard. You could make an action-RPG like Ys or Popful Mail easily; they have only a handful of stats to track and simple inventory systems. But for something on the order of, say, Pokémon, Final Fantasy, or Dragon Quest ('cept maybe for Dragon Quest 1), you've got tons of characters, weapons, items, special abilities, and other data to find some way to compile and maintain. If Stencyl ever got some kind of sweet XML import or other database functionality, you'd have an easier time of it, but for now, it's not exaggerating to say it's out of your newbie reach.
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i have made an RPG before but not with stencyl. but more of the question was asking for ideas than
detials, though an example with source code would be nice