WIP – A Tower Defense Tutorial for Stencyl 2.0


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It's sad this never got finished... But oh well.


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Publysher can you add a part where you make it we can just place towers from a GUI please?
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And thats my problem with stencyl. The good tutorial makers all seem to disappear before they can get much up.
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Nice, I'm going to make my Next game with this!


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I have kinda a clarify question, I am trying to add to the coordinates in the inspector for the path, where the cordinates just eyeballed? or is there an easy way to put them in correctly. thanks


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How can I make my enemy point in the direction it is moving?

Edit: Sorted it, doesn't matter :)

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Bless you man bless you for this great TD post!
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Would be nice if this TD was finished. The idea of adding gold into it or some kind of currency and and upgrading the towers tutorial would have been lovely :/


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Please can you finish this tutorial we all would love it so much. Thank you you helped me understand stencyl by following the guide
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I'm going to adopt this tutorial and add some features!

I don't have enough time to write a detailed tutorial like Publysher was so kind to write, but i can add a GUI to add towers, upgrade towers, special attacks (splash, poison, stun).

I will add comments to explain what code does.
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Cool, exciting stuff,

Thanks for taking it on and looking forward to seeing what you come up with.