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Ask a Question / Re: how to fix this?
« on: November 15, 2017, 01:20:57 pm »
Hi Sparf,

It is also a mystery to me - but maybe if you could sent some more info on the code blocks and events that you are using we could all get rid of the mystery  ;D

You could take screen shots of code and include them as attachments - that could be the simplest way or even export your game and attach it.



Ask a Question / Re: type in the name of player
« on: November 15, 2017, 01:18:12 pm »

There is no pre-packaged block to do this, but it's not really all that complex to do - ideally you could set this up in a behavior but lets ignore that for now.

1.  Set up a Text Attribute called 'InputText' (for example)
2.  In the Created event, set InputText to Null
3.  In the Basic->Drawing event use the 'When Drawing' block.  And set it to display 'InputText' at X and Y co-ordinates where you want the user to type in a name.
4.  In the Input->any Key event, set the attribute 'InputText to a text concatenate block i.e. InputText & the character being input as text.

I've attached screen shots of the 2 events outlined above.

The above is a very simple text input system.  You will also have to trap for 'Enter' key being pressed to denote that the inputting of the name is complete.  Also, trap for backspace to delete a character from the text string etc..



Ask a Question / Linux: Run a Compiled Game??
« on: November 15, 2017, 09:05:37 am »


I've got stencyl working fine on LUBUNTU, can import games from my Windows PC and test them on all the platforms without a hitch.  I can even publish to Linux


What do I do now - how do I get the published game / file to run.  I realise that this is due to my total lack of understanding / knowledge of Linux / Ubuntu.  I right clicked on teh file an set the permission to make it executable but when I try to run it just looks blankly at me stubbornly conserving energy and doing not a thing  ???

Anyone know how to breathe life into that Linux file - should there be a slot for a 10p coin or something like that?  Or maybe its a trade union demarcation issue?

Any suggestions?



Thanks for those replies.

Yes, I had gone through that installation guide and many other hints / tips that I had found on the forum.  I also tried reinstalling g++ but nothing worked.

In desperation I deleted the ubuntu installation and did a completely clean one, use 'umake games stencyl' and it installed and ran everything perfectly under all the platforms.

So this thread is now - CLOSED  ;D thanks everyone



I've spent quite a long number of days trying to get stencyl to work on Ubuntu and only managed to dig a deeper hole for myself with every day that passed - then I came across a method by 'ribo linux' on Youtube using 'umake' and it installed in a breeze.  Stencyl up and running in no time at all


It doesn't run/test games when I select the Linux platform - which kinda defeats the whole purpose of the endeavour  :(

I've had a look through the logs and the problem seems to be '2017-11-15 11:09:03,047 INFO  [Thread-10] stencyl.sw.util.StreamGobbler: [haxelib] Error: Command not found : g++'

Anyone got any ideas how I can start tracking down / solving the problem.  For example, how do I find out if g++ is installed, or is there a path set incorrectly ...  I've attached the logfile in case I've read the output incorrectly - which is also a real possibility  ::)

Basically, my knowledge of UBUNTU is very much at the novice level but any pointers / suggestions would really help.



Ask a Question / Re: Change Screen Ratio
« on: September 22, 2017, 02:55:28 am »
Duh !!!  ???  ::)   :-[    :'(

So simple



Ask a Question / Change Screen Ratio
« on: September 20, 2017, 06:54:08 am »

I have a game that is Tile based.  Each tile is 90x90 and the game could accomodate 6 tiles across and 6 tiles down giving a scene size of 540x540.  The reason for this square design was historical but am now wondering if it is possible to change the dimensions from a 6x6 tileset to a  10x6 variant.  There doesn't seem to be any problem in terms of setting the scene dimensions but I can't see any way of changing the screen dimensions.

Are they set in stone when the scene is created?


I'll mention both  :)


You're an absolute star! 


I'm putting together a Video Tutorial on sending the game to PlayStore - OK if I mention you as the person who sorted out my problem?  Credit where credit is due.



Thought I'd go back and simply test the game on the android platform and now I have the same error there as well.

class name (com/lenseonlife/matchcards05/BuildConfig) does not match path (com/LenseOnLife/matchcards05/BuildConfig.class)

Anyone got any ideas where to find these folders / files?



I published a game to Android earlier this morning but when I was uploading to PlayStore it stopped because I had forgotten to change the App ID from the default in Stencyl to a unique one.

I went back to Stencyl and changed the settings - see '01 MobileSetup.jpg' attached.

Ran the Publish to Android again and got an error - see '02 Logfile.jpg' image of place where error occured.  Am also attaching the full logfile '

Basically it is finding a conflict between the App ID name that I used and some class - normally I use LenseOnLife but in this particular instance I used 'lenseonlife' in the App ID adn Stencyl got annoyed  :'(

Anyone know how to reset things so that I can get going again?

Any help appreciated



got it sorted, it was the file name.

Am putting together a tutorial which shows how I sorted it out - will share when it is ready.



Hello again,

an update on what I've found out - but still no resolution.  I've set up an addition to the PATH environment variable to the Java JDK bin folder.  Having done that both JDK and JRE can be run from a command prompt - so both are working fine and searchable from anywhere in the system.

Just before the build fails to find the JDK there is an interesting error:

[haxelib]   [dx] 'J:\My ' is not recognised as an internal or .....

That 'J:\My ' is actually 'J:\My Dropbox\Animation\Stencyl\.....' so I'm wondering

At this stage of the build, is there a limitation of the pathname for the file to be executed that prohibits any spaces in the pathname because that seems to be what it is indicating.  I'm wondering if the command should have been delimited by single quotes to preserve the pathname?

has anyone ever tried testing Android from Dropbox - the reason I ask is because there seems to be limitation on the name of the root for Dropbox - seemingly it is hardwired to 'My dropbox'.

Any and all suggestions / comments really appreciated.




Still banging my head  :(

Looking at the latest logfile I've noticed something just before the JDK won't work.  See attached image

[haxelib.exe]   [dx]  'My ' is not recognised as an internal or external ....

The 'My ' mentioned is actually 'My Dropbox\Animation .....'

Has anyone tried running Android test from a Dropbox folder?  Is there some limitation on whatever command is being run at this point of the build where the file path cannot have any spaces?

P.S.  I have checked that the JDK and JRE run from a command line prompt so both are installed and searchable through the PATH environment variable.

I've completed removed Java and reinstalled etc ....

Anyone any ideas?


Ask a Question / Testing Single Scene Game on Android - Won't Compile
« on: August 22, 2017, 06:05:49 am »

I THOUGHT I posted this earlier today but it doesn't seem to be online - so if this is a duplicate post - apologies to everyone.

Testing on Android - hitting that brick wall  :(  Possibly I have some system variables set incorrectly but can't find out where  ::)

At first I thought it was the JAVA SDK and have tried both the x64 and x86 versions - currently set to x86 since stencyl is also x86.  Looking more closely at latest log I've noticed that quite a number of assets cannot be found (as well as JAVA) - neko.exe, adb, Java ....

The game I'm trying to test on Android is a very simple single scene game - no events, and no extensions enabled.

As well as the log file, I've also attached a screen shot of windows system variables HaXe, JDK, Neko and each is pointing to a real directory (screen shots also attached).

Any ideas / suggestions before I damage the wall banging my head against it   :D



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