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Ask a Question / Can you slow frame rate to debug?
« on: May 29, 2015, 06:09:56 am »
Can anyone suggest a quick way to slow the frame rate to help debuging?  I want to check what variables are at as an actor moves in the scene, but it's hard when the actor is moving fast

Ask a Question / specify map with a string
« on: May 29, 2015, 03:44:06 am »
Is there a way to specify a map using a string?
I've looked, but is there something like an  'anything as map', or 'anything as game attribute'  block?

I want to get a value from a map, and I need to choose the map using an attribute of an actor, my code works when use the drop down to choose the map from game attributes, but not if i try just using the name typed

Hi, I'm getting this error more and more.  Log attached is from when I try and change an actor group in a collision block.

I'm using the latest public version, but have tried the latest beta too, no difference.

I have tried on two different computers - no difference.

Stencyl for me is now unusable - I can't make any progress, and am worried that the last six month that I've spent working on our project is in danger of being wasted. I know this sound dramatic, but I have a children's book author, and a sound recordist counting on me, and the last couple of weeks things with Stencyl seem to be falling apart and I'm left looking bad.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I keep getting an " ouch, this should not have happened" error, logs attached.

Fixed Bugs (3.x) / Bug opening actors/scenes and behaviours.
« on: April 17, 2015, 04:04:23 am »
I have a problem opening  scenes in one specific game I've attached the log, I was working on this game yesterday and all was fine. Today I update to the latest build and hit this problem - got the 'ouch' message, tried reverting to older build but with same problem.

Any help appreciated - I've put a lot of work in to this game so fr, don't want to have to start again.

Ask a Question / how to set up game for iPhone 6+
« on: February 20, 2015, 06:11:10 am »
Hi, I seem to be having a problem with scaling for iPhone 6+, I'm using Full screen, and this works perfectly on iPod, iPhone 6, iPad , retina iPad as expected, but on the iPhone 6+(emulator), the scene wraps, repeating the background to the right and bottom.

Is this a bug? or am I doing something wrong?

Fixed Bugs (3.x) / Workspace location changed without warning
« on: February 07, 2015, 07:56:47 am »
This is really frustrating, I downloaded the latest beta, and all my games have disappeared - including something I've been working on for months now. Luckily I have back ups. I can see that the cause of the problem is that the location of my workspace folder has been reset, but annoyingly preferences won't let me change the location.

Looks like this weekend is going to be a write off, and I'd really hoped to work - I get paid for this!

Hi, when picking a file, e.g.. a frame for an animation, or background image, if I click on a folder with lots of files (say >200),  stencyl won't respond - sometimes for 5 mins or longer. I'm on a mac with Yosemite, latest java latest Stencyl build.

Fixed Bugs (3.x) / Multitouch broken in latest build.
« on: January 30, 2015, 02:14:27 am »
Hi, multitouch isn't working for me in latest build.  Rebuilt game in  build 8085 and it works again.

Tested on iPhone 6.

Suggestion Archives / FMOD extension
« on: January 28, 2015, 09:18:15 am »
Now that FMOD is free for indies, an extension to integrate it with Stencyl would be incredible.

I'm working on a game that uses a number of extensions. Joints extension- fantastic!! time and date etc.

Will they all need to be updated for my app to work/be submitted to apple built for built  64 bit?

Fixed Bugs (3.x) / latest build wrong scale on iPhone 6
« on: January 27, 2015, 08:22:27 am »
Hi, I downloaded the latest build today to see it iOS 64bit build worked for me. It builds for my iPhone 6 but game scale is wrong - looks about twice as big as it should be, and screen starts halfway across screen.

Ask a Question / actors stop moving when not in camera view
« on: January 26, 2015, 12:02:01 pm »
if you have a 'set actor rotating' and a 'make self always active ' block in when created, it stops moving when the camera moves so that it is off screen, and it is no longer moving when the camera returns so that it is in view. is this a bug?

Ask a Question / 3d transform
« on: January 26, 2015, 07:16:18 am »
Hi, has anyone managed to code a 3d transform for an actor?  I'm talking about a simple x,y,z rotate type of transform?

I mentioned quite a while ago,23910.msg137294.html#msg137294 that I discovered that applying the flash blend effect invert  made an actor rotate in 3d on IOS - it doesn't do this anymore, but it leads me to believe that applying a simple 3d rotate should be possible.

Bug Archives / IOS 5.1.1 landscape game appears in portrait orientation
« on: January 20, 2015, 01:44:15 am »
Hi, I set the mobile target version to IOS  5.1.1 - my kids still love their first gen ipad!!

The game  runs  in the wrong orientation - the game is landscape on iOS 8, but portrait and cut in half in 5.1.1 I've not got any other iOS versions on devices to check against, so not sure if this happens on IOS 6 or 7

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