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Chit-Chat / Have you seen this? -Oh my game!
« on: January 16, 2012, 12:40:55 pm »

Its a lot like stencyl...I have just started going through it.Its a total stencyl ripoff.what do you guys think?

Windows / Mac / Flash / HTML5 / Flying Critters
« on: January 08, 2012, 01:28:42 pm »
If any of you are on FGL check out Flying Critters
Based on catapult kit.

Launch furry critters using slings into portals dodging spikes.Use trampolines and surfaces to guide your critter.
36 Levels! Achievements for hardcore players!

Long Description.
Use the mouse to launch furry critters angry birds style into portals that lead them to heaven between waiting death traps like Spikes and Moving Spike boulders. Use Trampolines to get the critter to inaccessible areas.Complete levels with least number of unharmed critters and do it in the shortest time to unlock achievement badges.

press m anytime to mute
press r to replay level
press esc to go to level select menu

physics, arcade, bloons, catapult ,cute ,flight

Windows / Mac / Flash / HTML5 / Love Letters
« on: December 27, 2011, 01:30:19 pm »
Its a helicopter clone

Its with Mochi awaiting approval

Check out description and controls on that page.

Thank you stencyl for making it so easy to make a game and getting it mochi-ready be dragging just two blocks!

Shared Resources / Omeys Platformer AI pack(beta)
« on: November 28, 2011, 05:57:16 am »
Greetings Fellow Stencylers!

I am making a game that is a roguelike/platformer hybrid like Spelunky.I've been working on it for quite some time. In the process of making the game I've created a Resource pack for myself to control the enemies in the game.I thought of sharing it with all of you.

Omey's Platformer AI:


Detect Enemy:
A behaviour when attached to any enemy searches for the player around itself.
0-Dont detect,Be oblivious to the player
1-Vertically above(Specify Y = no. of tiles above)
2-Vertically below(Specify Y = no. of tiles below)
3-Upper Semicircle(Specify radial distance)
4-Lower Semicircle(Specify radial distance)
5-Horizontally same level(Specify X =  no. of tiles on the left or right)
6-Radially (Specify radial distance)
When it detects player acc to specified shape of detection region,it sends a message to the.....

Enemy State Manager:(Its a very basic State Machine)
Enemy can have 4 separate states--Idle,Player Detected,Damaged and Died--For Idle and Alert state we can have two behaviours that you can shift between periodically after a specified time.
When Health is Damaged by a certain amount you can specify a special 'On Damaged behaviour' that runs for a specified time.
When the Player dies we can make it perform some behaviour

Because we can mix and match the behaviours and states even with few behaviours we can create a host of enemy behaviours.Especially useful to create bosses that change their motions.

We also have Shooting behaviours to make the enemy shoot along with the states.

Behaviours Included(You can add any behaviours to the state machine.Here are a
few to get you started):

Independent of Player Position(Useful for Idle State):

1.Anchor to ground
2.Elliptical Motion(From Advanced Motion Pack)
3.patrol by jumping(Specify Jump force,Timing between Jumps,Can randomise both jump force and timing between jumps)
4.Horizontal Patrol(Configure Speed)
5.Vertical Patrol(Configure Speed)
6.Flying in Random Directions

Dependent on Player positions(Useful for Alert State):
1.Chase Player on ground(configure Speed)
2.Fly and Seek Target(Flying Speed)
3.Fly,hover above actor and swoop in periodically(Flying Speed,Hover Distance in tiles,Swoop speed,Timing between Swoops)
4.Chase player by small Jumps(Jump Force,timing between Jumps)
5.Chase player by jumping and aiming at current player position(Configure timing between Jumps)

Aim Bullet at player
Fire bullet left and right(regardless of player position)

On Death:
Die and leave object behind
Turn into Ragdoll

Necessary behaviours:
update Player Position(Puts current player position into two game attributes 'Player_X' and 'Player_Y'.Required for the behaviours to work)

On Ground (Required for Jumping behaviours)

You have to attach Update player Position behaviour to the main controllable player.
You have to attach ON ground if you want to use any of the jumping behaviours.If it does not jump after that,try increasing the jump force or decreasing gravity or lowering friction value.
Use the health manager on the enemy
In the Detect Target behaviour set message to be sent as 'detected'

Future Updates:
Chase_under Construction behaviour (Will chase the player,jump when it encounters a gap and accurately get to player,very ambitious)

Please Download and Try it. I havent actually gotten around to fleshing out my game So I havent had chance to give the pack a real test.So anybody who wants to spice up their game go ahead use it and post and bugs you may find either in this thread or on the Forge download Page.I will DEFINITELY correct all the bugs ,I promiseThe use of these behaviours wont really slow down the frame rate .It runs fairly smooth on my slow computer

Search'Omeys Platformer AI' on Forge

Ok .I have this "Main" behaviour that control the motion of a actor. In it I have to implement two separate motions that controlled by behaviours A and B.So in the Main behaviour I periodically enable one behaviour and disable the other.This cycle continues till the actor dies.

Assume A has some code under "if this collides with something block" and B doesnt
Now the problem.I have noticed that even if I disable A behaviour the code under its "If this collides with something else" block executes.
So when A is disabled and B is active even though B doesnt not have collisions,the piece of code under A gets executed,which I dont want to happen.

So is there any way I can disable a behaviour COMPLETELY including the code under its collide block?

Chit-Chat / So I have a job interview..
« on: October 13, 2011, 11:22:32 pm »
So I have a Job Interview on Monday for the post of a junior Flash Game developer at Games2win. Its one of India's largest flash game websites..
Now I have made a few games in stencyl and have just started learning actionscript.I have some knowledge of OOP from college and I'm barely starting to get a hang of AS3.0.

So any tips of a noob what to expect.They will most probably have a on the spot programming question....any ideas?

And can anybody tell me how I get some knowledge about BOX 2D. They said knowledge of box2d was preferrable...


AS the name suggests Its a a simple picture puzzle where you have a grid of images that have to be rearranged into the original bigger image

Modes : Swapping of tiles , Sliding tiles into blank position

Difficulty levels : Easy (3x3) ,Medium (4x4) ,Hard(5x5). 3 separate images for each difficulty level.

EXTRA : A anagram mode where you try to swap letter tiles into place to guess the word.Three difficulty levels here too. About 100 words for each difficulty

Coming soon: A advanced arcade mode with vanishing tiles , powerups ,time trials , highscores etc etc.

This was just a learning experiment so to say.

Please play and tell me if you find any bugs. Any advice about game design will be appreciated

Link to game :

Windows / Mac / Flash / HTML5 / Addicted : A nutty story
« on: July 17, 2011, 10:18:28 am »
Story : A helpless boy facing the wrath of his psychotic girlfriend

Gameplay : Surprise! Its a collection of minigames tied together in a cute story.Play it to experience it

Hi,My name is omey and this is by first game.I'll be honest.I am really happy with the end product and it has turned out just like I imagined.
I want people to play and tell me what they think.Looking forward to criticism
Hope you have as much fun playing as I had making.

The game is short.Some of the art is made by me.Most of it is from other places that you will instantly see ;)


NOTE: you may find the starting cutscene too long but please bear with it.It gets better ;) Cutscene has been shortened from a stupid 2:00 min to about 25 sec .Hope that people wont be bored now :P

If there are any glitches hampering progress in game post it please so that i can i can change it

EDIT: Just found one myself .Sorry about that.Will fix and reupload.

EDIT 2:The glitch I mentioned earlier has been there for a long time.It probably occurs due to some special conditions.Playing it again seems to be one way to go past it.If you play it another time you might not be so unlucky :P

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