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Get any of our Kits Ready To Go Only 0.50 cents, save weeks for only 0.50 cents!!stencyl-kits/p7bew

Looking for A Kardashian Style Game Kit For Stencyl? I have a great Outline, Just Ask!

HD Splash and Cut Scenes Included!

The Treasure Hunter Pack Comes With Click and drop mountains that work seamlessly with lakes, rocks, cliffs, cactus, trees, amd landmarks, all royalty free for Stencyl Users, and all included in the assets pack that comes with treasure hunter, a 3D top down cowboy and wagon, its like GTA of the wild west, jump in and out of your wagon at will! Everything is pre-configured for you!

Slot Machine Outlines, I am Selling For $1.00 complete with Royalty Free Images. You can use these to publish amazing slot machine games in minutes, I am working on some Highly detailed models, the kit will include everything you need to mix and match dozens of configurations. Make slots in minutes you can play a basic sample. Email Me for instructions. This kit is on sale to Stencyl users only! I also have some free outlines anyone who buys the slot machine pack is going to get Treasure Hunter Outline, Free. See Images Below

We will be releasing a new set of Premium Games and Outlines to these include some extremely well layered and involving games, also the new format will give you a file that will include alternate sprites, actors, backgrounds and more, all of the files are being uploaded today and should be available by monday, have an excellent day everyone.

Shared Resources / Re: Free High Quality Artwork And Sprite Sets
« on: December 21, 2015, 11:13:05 am »
Download Hans Solo on Developer Boost in one of 7 different formats! Sprite set coming soon!!free-assets/wpnai

choppedupmonkey, let me look into the issues, Ill run it on all platforms tomorrow, and get the bugs worked out thank you for the heads up. Ill report on here when the errors have been resolved and a better version is released, is there anything specific you would like to see added?

Also the stuff I have released so far will pale in comparison to the games Im putting out this coming month, as well as a few handy photo editing apps good for instagram and other social media apps that use photos

 I can look through the code I have, and find what the problem is if its on my end, just let me know.

I should add that, if it is going to be used by an individual it will need an individual version, one that will offer all functions to the person using it, however, if you wanted to use it for an administrator updated application, whereas, in the the case of limo drivers working for companies that shuttle the upper echelon and high profile clients, it is a far better idea to keep the app either manually updated, where the information could be fed and systematically updated on a scheduled basis, or implement a password system only allowing access to certain features.  The original "Client" the outline was developed in rough for had opted to save the money and go with manual updates via an exported version in xcode format. So for high security situations where more than one person needs to have access to vital client info submitted by all of your departments who deal with that individual it is still practical in its current form. It can only be updated by whoever has access and the know how, it is the most secure format, it will help avoid a system where multiple people have access to information and could wipe the system from any connected or user device. Even a password protected admin system has its weakness and  people could give untrue information in sabotage cases, involving angry managers and such. However, Like I said, if it is for the individual it will need the coding completed. I will do so if someone wants it, such as you, I just wasnt wasting my time any further, the guys that asked for it originally just totally stopped communicating so i took out the name of their company and released it as is , hope that helps, have an awesome day, let me know if I can assist you further. 8)

It may be more accurate to say, I can finish it to completion and let you know when it is available for download within the next 14 days

It was released as an outline, It needs a lot of functions coded into it, but it is more just a design idea, My plan is to release everything I kept a couple unfinished projects to finish them, they I felt were the best, the ones Ill be releasing this weekend, along with about 100 full HD 3d modeled skyscrapers, cars and actors I have about 30,000 files to browse through so some of it will not be the most complete, however, it has potential, and it is not that difficult to add the functions it needs, with a days work it could have storing capabilities, and modification abilities, all of those functions are absolutely possible to achieve with a little coding know how, for me it wasn't the best candidate for completion, although, I could revise the version if you would like to see a working version within a  week or two accounting for my current workload and goal set for the month. I have no problem extending a better version if like just let me know and I will add it to my projects.

Three New Games this Weekend!!! Use Em How You Want To 100% Free 100% Royalty Free

Shared Resources / Free High Quality Artwork And Sprite Sets
« on: December 17, 2015, 01:32:16 pm »
You may have seen my posts about releasing game samples and complete games that you are allowed to publish from my website, Today I wanted to let everyone know, starting this upcoming weekend I will begin releasing 100% free and 100%royalty free Sprites, Buildings, Vehicles, Spaceships, and a lot of top down Buildings and roadways, trees and a lot more, this stuff is top quality CGI not pixel art, I have attached an example of a top down vehicle, I will be giving Sprite sets away as fully transparent background Pre-formatted to be easy to use with Stencyl, as usual I support Stencyl and anyone who uses the program and offer my full endorsement, that is why it has become my goal to help up and coming developers to gain access to extremely high quality files for use in their stencyl project. I will also be releasing 3 new games you can use however you want, Thank you for looking and enjoy! If you need anything specific, I offer free character modeling services to those in need within reason.

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