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Shared Resources / Free High Quality Artwork And Sprite Sets
« on: December 17, 2015, 01:32:16 pm »
You may have seen my posts about releasing game samples and complete games that you are allowed to publish from my website, Today I wanted to let everyone know, starting this upcoming weekend I will begin releasing 100% free and 100%royalty free Sprites, Buildings, Vehicles, Spaceships, and a lot of top down Buildings and roadways, trees and a lot more, this stuff is top quality CGI not pixel art, I have attached an example of a top down vehicle, I will be giving Sprite sets away as fully transparent background Pre-formatted to be easy to use with Stencyl, as usual I support Stencyl and anyone who uses the program and offer my full endorsement, that is why it has become my goal to help up and coming developers to gain access to extremely high quality files for use in their stencyl project. I will also be releasing 3 new games you can use however you want, Thank you for looking and enjoy! If you need anything specific, I offer free character modeling services to those in need within reason.

   Hello, I am posting here to make sure everyone that needs good solid game outlines can find some easily and for free already packed up into Stencil files. We can all agree Stencil is amazing, so I decided to help everyone else by releasing all of my full stencil files, you can check them out at under the game samples tab click Stencyl Files, There are some pretty extensive files, that will cover a lot of material, I worked on the games for about 2 years and want everyone to be able to benefit, you can download them royalty free and use them without mentioning where you got them, have an awesome day guys.

Hey Guys I am Giving Nuk-O and some other awesome games away, use them all royalty free, hopefully everyone will find them helpful and can learn from them, Stencil is a great tool, surely an asset, it has helped me now I can help you, all of these games have been published to apple, all of the info in settings will need to be filled in for them to work correctly I removed my information before creating the files to share, Have an awesome day!stencyl-files/c1qx9

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