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Don't miss out on our VIP sign up, starting December 1st all VIP members will begin getting Premium Game Samples and assets and access to a secret content page! Totally Free on Developer Boost! Where we promote Stencyl developers and aim to Boost your production.

 Just got the first Stencil App, File up,  Here is the link!stencyl-files/q8214 Great foundation for an app layout on Stencyl!

A few delays opening the new section , it should be active soon, thank you for your patience!

Our first addition to Stencyl App files, on Developer Boost, not just for games any more!

Today we will be opening the App Code, section of Stencil files on Developer Boost, Tomorrows free file release is 'Tilty Maze' a game that utilizes the accelerometer function and allows players to roll a ball over terrain and across bridges in order to seek out items and complete checkpoint, don't fall from the maze or you have to start over, also watch out for traps! We are dedicated to offering game samples in all areas and utilizing all assets, we will also be releasing picture editing and emoji messenger samples soon to help Boost YOUR Development,. no sign up, no fees, just download what you want at Developer Boost!

Raptor in Sneakers, get the free stencil file at Developer Boost

New Addition to Developer Boost, Touch to smash action!!! Pre configured for iOS but good for any platform. Free, no sign up no mentions, just download what you want.

Heres what is happening on Developer Boost today, we are releasing Raptor in Sneakers, as well, we are adding an app outline section that will highlight other user interfaces besides games, our first addition to the new section is an app called 'Client Keeper' it is designed to keep track of your clients and offer insights on their personal likes and dislikes, favorite drinks and more, it is perfect for anyone dealing with clients, or working in the service industry such as bar tenders, and will surely be a hit.  Available for Stencyl, happy Stencyling.
As usual you can use everything royalty free, there is no sign up or registration needed just visit the site and download what you want.

Raptor In Sneakers, Available tomorrow on Developer Boost, use it to create your own Caveman Chomping Adventure.

Just Added Sign Man's Revenge, Available Now on Developer Boost, and Ready to use for your game.

Just an update I was having some trouble getting Drive 5 out, it is now available for download on Developer Boost

Drive 5 On Developer Boost

   Hello, I am posting here to make sure everyone that needs good solid game outlines can find some easily and for free already packed up into Stencil files. We can all agree Stencil is amazing, so I decided to help everyone else by releasing all of my full stencil files, you can check them out at under the game samples tab click Stencyl Files, There are some pretty extensive files, that will cover a lot of material, I worked on the games for about 2 years and want everyone to be able to benefit, you can download them royalty free and use them without mentioning where you got them, have an awesome day guys.

Just Released Afterlife Outline, and Drive 5 will be available within the hour, Then I am releasing , Sushi a Go Go, and Fly Smash Have an Awesome Day Stencylers!

releasing 4 new games for stencil developers tonight including drive 5

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