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If anyone has any game ideas they are having trouble developing, and would like for them to be included in the games I build and release weekly to Developer Boost. if you request them here I will begin to take requests and release them weekly to Developer Boost. Have an awesome day Stencylers

Tomorrow I am releasing 2 More Games to Developer Boost, They are shells, and won't require the removal of anything, just a good storyline and some numbers input for the heads up display, you can use them as is, one is a car game, and the other is a ghost game called Afterlife, they are pretty cool so far, and the driver game is Top down, with 3d graphics implemented into a 2d format, you can use them as is royalty free, have an awesome day Stencylers!

By far the worst part about Apple is the "up to" 14 day processing time, these apps will also work easily with Android I am sure that the only thing you'd need to add would be the ad integration if you were going that route.

yes they are ready to go for Apple they just need your information put into them in the settings, when you get into it it may seem difficult, but it is pretty fundamental, just like anything else, run a good checklist and the rest will work itself out. If you run into issues let me know I am somewhat of a troubleshooter when it comes to Apple, but it shouldn't take you 15 minutes to get it running on apple, literally, just lacking your adhoc, and such.

Just a heads up i just got around to releasing two more games to Developerboost and I plan to do about 2 a week, have fun

I am a day behind releasing 2 more, then I have a car game I will be posting, it is a little less complete, but is ready for rules and physics to be adjusted, It is pretty nice and the steering wheel turns when you make the car turn so check back later today for more.

Im happy you can use them, if you run into any issues I can answer any questions you have.

Right now they are linked to download from Media Fire, when the site updates the upload method I will make the process one click, for now it is the best way. have an awesome day everyone, and remember, no matter what when things look like they are too much, and you feel overwhelmed, just remember you are a special breed, creators, Machiavelli said in the book ' The Prince' that there are three types of intellects, those who create, those who admire what others create, and those that do neither, the first is excellent, the second good, and the third one, well, its worthless, you are a creator, so just do what you know needs to be done, when you know it needs to be done, because I promise you one thing, if you do what you need to do now, you will be able to do what you want to do later, to all, Godspeed and Good Day.

Here is a screenshot of one of the games.

Hey Guys I am Giving Nuk-O and some other awesome games away, use them all royalty free, hopefully everyone will find them helpful and can learn from them, Stencil is a great tool, surely an asset, it has helped me now I can help you, all of these games have been published to apple, all of the info in settings will need to be filled in for them to work correctly I removed my information before creating the files to share, Have an awesome day!stencyl-files/c1qx9

I have goals to make a million or so, I'll slow down when i rich that goal, just long enough to set up the next one.

There is a quote, I refuse to let the distances others are willing to travel to contentment limit the distances to which i am willing to go. .... By which you shouldn't need inspiration from the success of others to prove you can be successful, The question is more relevant and more likely to inspire if it were more accurate, such as, Has anyone made any real money from a game on Android, or iOS? The answer is yes off of things such as flappy bird that was making in excess of 50k a day, and has been reproduced here which answers the question, if the software can reproduce a hit game, of course it can produce one, for the right developer with the right vision.

Just as an example, I have bought software for 100 dollars and made 35k in the first 3 months re skinning.

There is always money in any type of mobile engine, as long as you are creative and don't mind putting in the hours. Set a goal and reach it, it is the same as anything you want to try and be successful in.

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i am having a lot of trouble with this extension

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