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Excellent. I will try it tonight. Thank you!

er ... what kind of program do you use to edit a .hx file?

never mind, I just downloaded Haxe ... ;)

I'm having the same issue in my current game project ... I'm curious if two weeks later, are you experiencing any odd behavior from Stencyl having changed that bit of source code? I'd like to try doing it myself, as long as it doesn't create issues with the program. :) Thanks.

But, at any rate -- I've resized my current tilesets down to half the size and imported them at 2x scale w/ bicubic smoothing and they look just as crisp as the 4x scale, except without the annoying gridlines, so I suppose the problem is "solved" ... at least for my case, since I don't think I'll want to use 4x scale gfx for tiles, now that I know it won't make any visual difference. I'd still be happy to pass along a sample level if you're interested in investigating further as to why the 4x scale imports were "gridlined" ... but that's up to you.

Thanks for the help. :)

ack, that's not the right tileset ... sorry ... I think i already deleted the other one (it was just a placeholder tileset I made quickly).

Sure, here is the tileset from the second picture ... but be aware that there are vertical and horizontal "grooves" in the tiles (from the canvas texture I used to paint them) and these grooves are not the grid lines I'm talking about.

(FWIW, the gridlines appear whenever I import other people's tilesets into the game using 4x scale and bicubic/bilinear smoothing, as well).

As for target platform -- I was thinking a demo game for flash with an option to d'load the full game for desktop.

OK -- so I've figured out what causes the gridlines, but I don't know how to solve it. If I import graphics into a tileset with the settings "Scale (Highest 4x)" and either "bicubic" or "bilinear" resizing, I get the permanent gridlines. If, instead, I  import the graphics using either "no smoothing" or "2x scale" (w/ the bicubic/bilinear smoothing on), there are no gridlines ... (but the graphics look bad without the smoothing or at the wrong scale.)

I will certainly still pass along a sample game if you think that would still be helpful. How do I do that? (I have some programming experience in Blitz Plus, but I'm very new to Stencyl).

On a side note -- how common is it for a Stencyl game to include all hi-res 4x scale graphics? Does the game size get out of hand very quickly? Should I maybe be aiming for mostly 2x scale and save the 4x scale for select things?

Yes, they were.

Thanks for replying -

I am testing it on the Flash player platform, with display settings of:

Screen size: 640 x 352
Scale: 4x
Scale mode: Scale to Fit (Full screen)
Maximum Scale: 4x
Start in Full screen: yes

Ask a Question / Why are my grid lines visible when I test the scene?
« on: June 24, 2014, 07:48:51 pm »

I'm making a platform game with Stencyl 3.1 and I can't seem to get my  grid lines to be invisible when I test the scene ... they are not "solid" lines, but they are semi-transparent ... very faint but definitely there. More obvious in the darker colored tiles, as in the second picture attached.  This happens no matter what the tiles look like, even if they are just simple, flat, solid colors without any texture or details. Any ideas?

Thanks for any help. :)

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