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Ask a Question / Multi Language Game
« on: August 31, 2015, 08:38:58 am »
Hello all...

I am trying to find a solution to make my game multi language.
Do you guys know if its possible for Stencyl to identify the user's language? At least on mobile devices?

For instance... if the user is located in Spain, the game will identify it's settings. So I can use the correct string
to be shown - in Spanish.

The translation is no big deal for me to be done. But I do need a way to identify the language of the user's device.
Is it possible?

I do believe it's important to support different languages make the game more successful.


Stencyl Jam 15 / Winning Wings - A Pilotwings homage game
« on: April 28, 2015, 11:10:31 am »
Hey guys,

I do hope to finish this game on time. There are still a lot to be done.
I am planning on doing a 2D game that will homage Pilotwings.

It will start with flying lessons, and there you will need to have precision to get your flying license.

With the license the game will change a little its focus and you will start to compete in championships (regional, national and world cup).
The championships will count speed / time and obstacles accuracy. So if you end really fast but get slumpy on obstacles you will not have a good standing on the race. Like Red Bull Air Race.

The game will also have different planes to fly. With different behaviors.
Dont know if there will be spare time, but I want also to have different environments that will affect the plane behavior (like rain).

Right now I am finishing the tutorial / learning stages.

Ohhh... and you will also change layers. Obstacles will appear on front and back of the scenes. So you will need to alter layers to pass them through.

And there will be crashes... ;)

Here are some initial screens - artwork still needs a lot of work as well.

Basic Flying with altimeter -  need to polish hud and plane:

An illusion of a 3D obstacle. Illusion made by using layers:

And the plane landed on the school's airfield.

I really do hope to make a playable game in time for Stencyl Jam!!!

Ask a Question / Diagonal Moving Runner - Downhill alike
« on: May 09, 2014, 11:17:58 am »

I am willing to create a new game and I am in a doubt on how to create it.
It will be a kind of endless runner, but instead of being horizontal or even vertical it
will be a diagonal one.

Similar to downhill.
Or like the Super Frisco Frenzy game of Stencyl Jam 2014.

I will not copycat / clone it... lol...
It will be a totally different environment.

But I dont know how to create a background that runs in the diagonal direction.

Imagine if you are falling down... the background will be going from the bottom to the top.
And if you have some X speed it will also run from right to left (so, diagonal).

Then, not only the background, but the "floor" and "roof" will be diagonal.
Now I got a new example: A cave... with a floor and roof. But running on diagonal.

I know that my character will be static. Only going up and down.
The floor / roof and background that will give the sensation of moving.

Any ideas on how I can create a diagonal moving background / floor?

Thanks a lot!!!

Ask a Question / Developing Stencyl using a Windows 8 Tablet
« on: April 07, 2014, 09:15:41 am »

I am planning on buying a Windows 8 tablet.
For professional use.  So I discard the ipad and android ones.
Need to use Photoshop, Office, and so on.

My main computer is a Notebook that is 5 years old. I need to change it as well.
But it does meet the requirements to develop on stencyl and photoshop.

Now I have the opportunity on buying a Windows 8 Pro Tablet.

I dont want a top of line one.
Just a basic one to be used as a "traveling" computer.
Practical, mobile, small, easy to carry... something that I may use to develop even when on bed.

So, that being said, I am looking into the Dell Venue 8 Pro.
Will it meet the requirements to run Stencyl?

Here it is its specifications:

    System chip:
        Intel Atom Bay Trail-T
        Quad core, 1800 MHz, Atom Z3740D
    Graphics processor:
    System memory:
        2048 MB RAM
    Built-in storage:
        32 GB
    Storage expansion:
        microSD, microSDHC up to 64 GB

It will not be used as my main source of development. Only be used when traveling or in bed / lazy to use notebook.


Current version has 2 bugs that you may find quick and I will fix tonight.
1 - Red button on scene 1 is in front of actor. Will put it in back layer.
2 - Button to unlock security room is in a bad position. So to unlock you need to keep walking or you will leave the button area.

Hey guys,

I am going to enter Stencyl Jam 2014 with my spy game.
Its a Stealth / Action 2D Platform game.

I was not able to include all scenes for Stencyl Jam, as its kind of huge and still being made.
So I did include one complete stage that contains 2 scenes.

Playing it you will find a lot of functionalities I made for it.
Dialogs, Pop-up Messages, Actions, and so on.

It is a fully playable "short" game.
Think of it like an intro for the game I am still working on!

Please be aware that it is still a 'work in progress' game.
I am still developing its engine, fixing some bugs, and specially drawing and digitalizing images.

Its a one man job that I do love to do.
But its hard to do everything simultaneously.

You will play a 2D stealth / action game with a lot of comics on it.
Be sure that I will increase its difficulty as player progress on to next stages that will come in the near future.




***** Inspirational sources:
   - spy movies that we all love - Mission Impossible, 007, Bourne, among others!
   - stealth games. Specially Commandos (player detection / hide, change actors...).
   - Comics Books.

***** Next steps / Soon to come:
        - Finish intro and other comics strips with higher quality (its still as scratch).
   - More stages / new enemies / lot more puzzles - that will be geting harder as you progress in the game.
      for instance:
      - moving platforms.
      - new kind of enemies.
      - different AI for different enemies.
   - A lot more comics strips / story plot.
   - Enhanced images - characters, menu, intro screens and so on - I am looking for an artist to work with!
   - Action scenes - a new engine in the game for action.

***** What I am planning to do if I do win the contest:
   1 - Use 100% of the prize money to hire an artist.
            I am a developer myself not an artist.
       So I am fully aware that there's a lot of fixes and improvements to be made on that area.
   2 - Develop a timeline to deliver the final product.
   3 - Create a Twitter / Facebook and blog page to track down the progress.

Hope you guys do enjoy it as much as I am enjoying creating it.

And all feedbacks will be really appreciated. Positive or negative.


Chit-Chat / Marketing and Advertising for your game - Do you guys do it?
« on: February 27, 2014, 10:06:50 am »

Do any of you do advertising / marketing on your game?
I mean... creating a webpage, spreading demo / preview videos, twitter, facebook...

Do you guys pay for ads?  Facebook Ads seems to be a good way to attract people to your game. Isnt it?

I am really studying the marketing theme and I guess it will be good to discuss in here.


Journals / Dev Diary - Comics World: Spies in Trouble
« on: November 18, 2013, 06:32:38 am »
Hello Guys,

I am starting this DEV Diary so I may be able to track down all development that is being done for my game.
I hope this DEV Diary helps someone, as I am planning to report all the issues that I did face or
will face soon. And obviously it's workaround.

That way I may help someone who need a specific behavior or code that I may already have done.
In short words: I want to share / trade knowledge.
Doing that, in my opinion,  everyone - including me - may take advantage of other developer's knowledge.

Also I am willing to make it as much detailed as possible. Stating all difficulties and joys
of making a game all by myself.

This Dev Diary will not be only a technical one, but also an artistic one.

Objective: Trade ideas, share knowledge.

Hope this idea keeps going on.
And if this is not the correct area of the forum, please do tell me, so I may request the moderators to move it to the correct one.

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