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Hello everyone I'm Tom from Snowflake Studios, a small  indie studio just recently formed and developing our first game as a group. We started up with an artist who was  doing a wonderful job as we progressed through the early couple months but he soon disappeared never to be heard of again. So in the mean time, myself and the game designer have been formulating our own small pieces of art to throw in as temporary objects just for fillers as I have progressed the game engine.

We have lot's of work to show any potential artist who is interested in joining us as the game demo is primarily looking for art now. Once the game demo has complete art we are going to be launching a kick-starter campaign to raise funds for the rest of the development (profit splits will be very generous). If interested send us an email at: and we would be glad to send you a sample of the demo level as well as the game design that has been planned out.

I understand that one of the most important parts about finding a job for the artist is the risk factor, whether you feel like you can be confident in the people you are working with. So to give you confidence in myself as a Programmer I will point you to one of my previous works: Renewal The Zombie Survival Game. This game was solely developed by myself (most of the art, code, and sound, etc) and has come to a halt in it's development while I work with Snowflake Studios. Here is a trailer of an early version of THAT game:

Now that you have an idea of what I am capable of I hope you are feeling inspired to join Snowflake Studio and help us make a name for ourselves.

Here is a huge Promotion piece for the game which was created by the previous artist of the game. This is a portrait of the main character Mimik.

Thank you for your time,
 Thomas Baldwin

Hello everybody, my name is Tom, also know as Tgbtom. I have been in the Stencyl community for a while now and spent over a year working on a project called Renewal. This project has failed to do me any good, as I set very high expectations for it. Anyways, Renewal has currently been put on hold so I can actually get some smaller game completed. I would like to make a few smaller games that I would actually be able to release to Kongregate and Newgrounds.

What I am looking for is any ideas on games that would be fairly small. I have practically unlimited abilities with coding on Stencyl, so throw your ideas at me ;). On top of this I am also looking for someone that could do art and/or design for the game. I am willing to split all revenue evenly with anyone who works with me.
    E.G. If I have a Designer, and an artist working with me we would split 33/33/33
           If I have just one other person working with me we would split 50/50
If an artist or designer cannot be found I can fill these jobs with my own skills, however from experience that is a lot more time consuming.

P.S I plan on doing all of the code and such by myself (easier for organization).

Ask a Question / Tile API and Layer Order/ID
« on: July 11, 2013, 04:53:06 pm »
Kind of a straightforward question, is there any way to specify which layer to create a tile on, based on the layers ID? I have a lot of issues with layers when creating tiles on runtime. Collisions seem to work okay for the most part, but when I am trying to create tiles on layer 2 (top layer) they just wont show up. However tiles will spawn correctly on layer 0 and 1! I even tried creating a fourth layer (Layer 3) and using that one, however they also won't spawn on that layer.

Before you jump to a conclusion, I have not deleted any regions from the scene since its creation, so the problem should not be with that glitch...

Any help is highly appreciated


Ask a Question / Scenes on Runtime?
« on: June 09, 2013, 02:52:01 pm »
I was just wondering if there is anyway you can create new scenes at runtime? There are going to be lots of scenes (multiple floors of buildings, etc.) in my game and I need a way to have all these scenes without actually needing to create them all in Stencyl before runtime.

Any help would be appreciated.


Ask a Question / Non-Blur Scaling?
« on: January 13, 2013, 10:08:06 am »
For renewal we are currently working on character customization and we would like for people to be able to view the clothes at a larger scale than what it will be like in game. Since there is going to be lots of different clothes to be worn, creating a new actor/actors for larger versions is not a choice. I want to be able to scale the clothing at runtime when people are viewing them, but I also want it to stay sharp and looking pixelated, how it's meant to look.

From the grow feature, the images all look extremely blurry, and to my knowledge I'm pretty sure they would not be blurry if I could scale the image without interpolation... I have tried using code such as:

_Character.height = 96;     [Moves the image 64 pixels up]
_Character.width = 96;      [Moves the image 64 pixels left]
_Character.x = 96;            [Does Nothing]
_Character.y = 96;            [Does Nothing]

Note* "_Character" is the name of the attribute of the actor I am trying to enlarge

Is there anyway to scale my pixelated images larger at runtime without blurring them insanely?

Chit-Chat / Renewal the Zombie Game
« on: December 21, 2012, 06:48:42 am »
I understand Renewal is still under development but based off of what you guys know about it I would like to see if anybody would be able to give me a worthy price so we know what path to take for working up to the marketing of the game.
You may download the current Beta version for free at:

Then let us know what you think would be a reasonable price. Keep in mind that there are tons of new features still being implemented. And it's christmas holiday, prepare for an update coming up :)

Resolved Questions / Database Access [Solved]
« on: December 02, 2012, 02:12:40 pm »
I have a bit of previous experience with PHP however it is not much. I have been looking all over but never found an exact answer to my questions. So my last resort is this: asking the question myself.

How do I access a database from stencyl? I have a database created on MySQL/PhpMyAdmin and can not seem to figure out how to access it and get information from it. If anybody could help me out step-by-step i would really appreciate it. I do understand that PHP is needed but I am also unsure how stencyl is supposed to use/access PHP either. I want to be able to set an actors position judging by the defaults on the database and then update the information stored with the characters new position when it is moved.


Ask a Question / Save doesnt fully work
« on: June 30, 2012, 12:25:07 pm »
When I have the player save the game, just for testing purposes I have it save, then if succesful it sends them to the menu. Then on the menu when you hit load game it loads what items you had and health. But the XPNeeded is displaying as NAN... It should say for example; XP:12/65 but it says; XP:15/NAN... Any ideas why? I debugged to discover that the save and load are supposedly both succesful when done.

Game Art / Music for Renewal (Become part of the Team)
« on: June 26, 2012, 12:17:05 pm »
Hello everybody, me and the rest of the Renewal team have been frustrated over trying to make music for our game, we are using Audacity to create sound effects, but nothing is working for music. So we are opening up a new spot in the team for someone who would like to help us out with music. We would like music that is going to be exclusive to Renewal (copyrighted), if you are interested in taking the position, just message me about where I can listen to a sample of your previous work, and we will decide if we want you on the team.

If the game is succesful enough to get it selling on Steam, we will be compensating this position depending on the amount of money we are able to make. And you will no matter what, be put in the credits of the game :)

Link to Renewal Thread (Don't be deceived by the first post, read on further):

Ask a Question / Copyright a game?
« on: May 30, 2012, 04:29:19 am »
I am working away hard on my first project, and I plan to be releasing a test version soon but I want to be safe with a copright on it right from the beginning. So in this case, can anybody help me out, or direct me to someplace where I can learn how to copyright my game?

Thanks in advance,

Windows / Mac / Flash / HTML5 / Renewal (Beta V1.0 Release)
« on: May 13, 2012, 07:31:02 am »
Renewal is a zombie survival game where the goal is basically to survive for as long as you can. If you want to know more I think you should give the game a try.

We are now into V0.4 and the game has so far progressed an extreme amount since we released 0.01. The newest Update in cludes plenty of fixes and some nice new features that I think you will all be excited for ;) If you want more information on the latest release (0.4.2) view our blog (link below).

Our team consists of:

Tgbtom (Main Coder)
Skyepilot2 (Spriter and graphics designer)
GreenGuy (Spriter and graphics designer)
Satyre (Music Contributor)
Classi (Music Contributor)

If you are interested in contributing to this large project let me know via this post.

Thank you.

Here the game is:             <-- V0.04

To download the latest release (V1.0) contact me at and details will be sent to you.

Guides & How-To's / How To Make an Animated Health Bar
« on: May 05, 2012, 05:34:15 pm »
Ever wondered how you could make a health bar that smoothly lowers when you lose health, rather than just jumped down? Well after some consideration i discovered a creative way of pulling this off. In fact it's quiete easy to do even in design mode.

It requires you to create 3 Number attributes:
-Health (Current health)
-MaxHealth (Maximum Health)
-DamageTaken [Temporary amount of damage taken(reduces and increases as follows)]

To make the player take damage, inside the parameters make sure you just make it increase DamageTaken by the amount of health you want taken off.

It's also pretty easy to add a maximum size to the health bar just by limiting the health to the max health and implementing the max health into the width of the bar using something like:
health / max health X 200  <-- This would set the max width to 200 pixels
/ = division


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