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Polygon Regions is not supported for iOS. ;)

Good to know. That is the other difference in the project I was working with yesterday and the one I was doing today. 

I know about them, but I have trouble implementing them and linking them correctly. How do I "set it to "Last Created Region" after the region is created?" What blocks do I use?

Can I get some clarification on this statement:

 "you can set it to an attribute referring to the last created region just after the region is created."

I don't quite understand what you mean?  How do I do this?  If you have the time, could you show the blocks used to accomplish this? Thank you so much!  :D

That's weird. I was working with polygons yesterday and now I can't find them in regions.

Edit: I think maybe you have to have a polygon shaped actor present in the scene to work with them, or you can create the region yourself in Events. :) 

There are a ton of tutorials here: and here: or you can search the forums for what you need. 

I am still having two problems:

1. How do I spawn the new actor directly in front of the Player?

2. How do I have an actor recognize a Region that hasn't been created yet?  For example, in my game, the Player is always moving in an endless scene. 

To get past randomly created "enemies" (like pits, boxes, monsters, etc) the Player has to press the correct control to create a new actor type that will help him over/around the obstacle. To get over a pit, he would press "Z" and a Ramp Actor would be created, allowing him to launch over the pit.

I need For nothing to happen (or to have the Player "killed") if a Control is pressed too early, or if the player is not in the right region (I assume each "spawned actor" would have a region around it.)

It was suggested to me to use Regions to accomplish this. However, if the region is attached to the Ramp Actor, and they are created at the same time, how do I get the Main Character Player to recognize a region and thus activate the behavior of checking whether to "Create Ramp Actor, else if not in region, kill self?"

I'll check them out! Thanks!  :D

In one of my attempts, I tried to use a region attribute to follow the actor that would be spawned in upon a control press. But I couldn't  SET the attribute, because the actor was not present in the Scene yet, because it hadn't been created (it has to be created "in-game").  How would I implement your suggestion?  :) Thanks!

 I have been working on this behavior for the last several days and I just can't seem to make it work.  The picture below is the latest version of what I have tried. It is attached to the Main Player in the Scene. I have tried about 5 other versions and they don't work either.

What I need:

-To spawn a new actor (with support for multiple actor types) in front of the Player when a Control is pressed
-For nothing to happen (or to have the Player "killed") if the Control is pressed too early, or not in the right region (I assume each "spawned actor" would have a region around it.)

This is supposed to be an "endless" or "arcade" type game where the Player is always moving.  To get over randomly created "enemies" (like pits, boxes, monsters, etc) the player has to press the correct button to create a new actor type that will help him over/around the obstacle. 

Ask a Question / Re: Get Player to "Fly" straight up?
« on: May 23, 2012, 04:43:11 pm »
I think that the jump-and-run-kit-extended has something like that using regions.

Thank you. I D/L it and it has something with Ladder Regions, but the Blocks use code and I can't use it.  I'll have to redo my game idea I guess.

Ask a Question / Re: Get Player to "Fly" straight up?
« on: May 23, 2012, 04:24:09 pm »
Basically, I need an Auto Climb behavior and trigger? Does anyone know how I could implement that? Thanks :D

Ask a Question / Re: Get Player to "Fly" straight up?
« on: May 23, 2012, 03:55:07 pm »
Thanks. Ill look it up!

Does anyone else have any suggestions?

Ask a Question / Get Player to "Fly" straight up?
« on: May 23, 2012, 02:53:10 pm »

When my Player hits a "Ramp Actor", he is able to jump at a 45 degree angle.  See the attached picture. <<< This behavior currently works.

However, I also want to attach this behavior to a "Ladder Actor." Except this time, the Player is supposed to go straight up. I have used the same blocks as the behavior above, but changed the numbers.  However, when I test the game and the player collides with a "Ladder Actor" he merely bumps up against the "Ladder Actor" and stays there.  What am I missing?

BTW, I have tried many different degree options, including -90, 90, 270, -270, -1, 1, 0, 45, -45..... . At this point, I just want him to do SOMETHING when he collides instead of just getting stuck! Also, he is normally set to "Sharply" push self.

Thank you!

Thanks. So far, I have the following code, but I am having trouble with the rest of it. 

Basically, I am creating a game where the player has to create "ACTORS" by pressing a button. For example, to get over a pit, he/she would press "Z" and a "RAMP actor" would be created, wherein the main character launches off the ramp via a customized Jump behavior.  However, I don't want him/her to create multiple actors, or create them too early.  Take a look below and please advise. Thanks.

The first and second screenshots are attached to the Ramp Actor.  The third screenshot is attached to the Player, who is currently Mambo, but he is just placeholder art for the time being. Thank you.

Colorado USA. about 630 pm right now :) What do you mean "reset the flag when exiting the region?"

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