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Ask a Question / Any way to handle Apple iAP Subscriptions?
« on: January 18, 2020, 12:04:36 pm »
I'm looking to add an iAP subscription feature to my game. 

I'm able to start and buy the subscription with the normal buy product block - but is there a way to check if the subscription has been renewed/not? 

Would be really helpful  :)

EDIT: Just realized It's not supported.  Would be really good feature to add in the future though.

Extensions / Re: Taptic Feedback iOS
« on: January 16, 2020, 11:04:03 am »
Thanks for the share

Will this be updated for 4.0+?

Extensions / Re: Spine Skeleton Engine Extension v0.0.5
« on: December 16, 2019, 05:33:29 pm »
Hey Robin,

Just letting you know that there is an issue with my Spine Extension for Stencyl.

It doesn't seem to handle Opacity or Transparency that well. I have attached a screen shot of it in Spine, and one in Stencyl. See how the one in Stencyl has the transparency as Black, and when the gold fades in spine, it doesn't fade in Stencyl.

Not sure of I'm doing something wrong, but was wondering how I could fix it.


I've had this problem too, so it's not just you.  I just went with animating transparent actors/SFX in Stencyl itself rather than Spine.

Paid Work / Re: Squeeb's Stencyl Market Place
« on: November 06, 2019, 12:12:30 pm »
These still available?

Ask a Question / Re: Better Box Out/Spotlight Transition?
« on: August 22, 2019, 02:31:56 pm »
I'm not aware of any changes to the existing transitions. There is a transitions extension you could use to create a new transition or recreate an existing one with custom adjustments:,50434.0.html
Looks interesting, but I'm getting an engine extension error.  Doesn't seem to work with Stencyl 4  :'(

Ask a Question / Better Box Out/Spotlight Transition?
« on: August 21, 2019, 05:31:03 pm »
I really like the box out transition, but as the transition occurs the scene becomes all pixel/jagged.  (same with spotlight)  I saw people were posting about this like a year ago but nothing came about.   Is there any updates on the issue or is there a way to re-create the box out trans?


Extensions / Re: Spine Skeleton Engine Extension v0.0.4
« on: June 09, 2019, 03:51:47 pm »
Anyone know how to set the Root when using the 'Current Scale' block?

The root X seems to shift ~20px depending on the device I test it on which messes up the centering.


Thanks.  Upgraded to 3.5.  'Is banner ready' boolean returns true, but nothing appears.  Will just use interstitial and rewarded.

Hi Jg41095,

have you testing with version 3.5 of Stencyl ?

I'm running 3.4 b9328.  Is 3.5 required for Admob banners?

So Rewarded Videos and Interstitial seem to be working during testing, however Admob banner ads are not.  (nothing appears)

Anyone else having this problem?

Extensions / Re: [iOS/Android] ReplayKit for iOS9 and Android 5.0 (0.0.7)
« on: February 24, 2018, 09:32:15 pm »
Got rejected by Apple because hitting the "Don’t Allow" button for the screen recording message crashed the game.   Any solutions?

I'm using the same blocks as the OP says  :-\

Ask a Question / Re: Placing on screen buttons on different devices
« on: August 11, 2017, 07:47:56 pm »
In your previous image, the button is on the bottom left. Did you mean right?

X 0, Y screen height - height of self

X screen width - width of self, Y screen height - height of self
yes, my mistake. This works perfectly, thanks so much!

Ask a Question / Re: Placing on screen buttons on different devices
« on: August 11, 2017, 01:14:25 pm »
Position them relative to the screen. For example 'screen height - height of self'

Thanks! solved my problem!  Set the button to the bottom right corner on both devices.  Quick noob question, what would be the way to set it to bottom left?  :D

Working event attached.

Ask a Question / SOLVED -Placing on screen buttons on different devices
« on: August 10, 2017, 08:36:25 pm »
Hi.  Having some trouble figuring out how to place buttons in the same place on different sized devices.

Attachments are from an iPhone 5s and IPad Mini.  The button is anchored and placed on the scene.  Would I have to use the <running on iPhone> block? Or is there a more simple approach.

Button should be on the bottom left corner

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