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Hey guys,

I'm a network admin/teacher who has Stencyl installed on our network. We used to have a network with Stencyl installed on the same place on each PC and every night they synced to each other. Now we have moved to a network based approach. Where we  have all home folders, programs and shared stored.

When we had our old solution, Stencyl worked without bugs and we could run it fine. Now we have Stencyl installed onto a network drive with all access. We also have a shortcut to this on a folder on our shared desktop. It goes to Stencyl install which runs the software. It generates the following folders: "extensions, games, logs, prefs" and a file called jmimemagic.log. The problem is that Stencyl then does not open and it generates these folders where the shortcut is. Which I'm not really wanting on my shared desktop.

It generated a log file, so I will leave that attached so you can have a quick look.

Hope you can help!

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