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Chit-Chat / IGMC (Indie Game Making Contest 2015)
« on: July 08, 2015, 03:41:24 am »
Anyone joining this ?

IGMC (Indie Game Making Contest 2015) :
Prizes :

Prize Pool: Up to $16,209.00
Grand Prize: $6,159.42
2nd Place: $1,620.90
3rd Place: $810.45
Best Game Made In Stencyl : $324.18

Other Prizes : Blog Feature, Blog Highlight, Promotional Video, Commission Work, Live Play, Special Prizes.

Guidelines :

July 7th – August 7th, 2015 – Game Development period.
August 7th 11:59 PM UTC – Deadline for submissions. Completed games only. No late entries will be accepted!
August 7th-October 2nd – Judging period.
October 10th – Awards Ceremony and Announcements!

Criteria : All entries will be judged based on 3 Main Criteria on a scale of 0-20 points
                                  (Presentation, Gameplay, Engagement)
Penalties :  Bugs/Glitches || minus (5 -10 points)
The Twist (Bonus) : Growth || plus (0-10 points)

This contest will has a TWIST! A one word theme that your game must use in some way.
And that word is GROWTH. You can incorporate it into your gameplay, your story,
your characters or any other way you see fit. You may, if you wish,
include a 50 word description of how you used the theme word in a separate text file,
as being obvious is not always the same as being good.
Adherence to the twist can earn you and additional 0 and 10 bonus points.

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