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Ask a Question / Spawning actor to penalize player when missed...
« on: February 12, 2013, 04:21:07 pm »
Hello all,

Thank you in advance helping me get through this. I've been struggling for weeks on this issue. The logic is the same actor is spawned in one of several location, more than one at a time, if it's clicked then score is incremented by 1 and the actor is recycled (this is working fine). If it isn't clicked then every n seconds it checks to see if the game is paused, and if the actor was clicked (boolean). If the actor wasn't clicked, then it increments strikes (three strikes and you're out), and then it recycles self.

What actually ends up happening is that whether or not the actor is clicked strike increases. In fact, I'm pretty sure it continues increasing repeatedly from a single actor, and then the other actors as well.

I really appreciate the help here. I've tried several other solutions, but this is the most straight forward, and I feel like it should work. Thanks again.


Hi All,

I'm working on a Whack-a-mole flash game. For a bit of background: I created an event that creates and recycles moles every few seconds. The variable in the event decrements every time the player clicks on the mole (which also adds to the score). The problem is that I would like to include more than one mole that would be more difficult to catch (ie different variable which begins faster and ends at a lower number).

Here's where it gets wiry: I've found that a lot of features that I want to use to select an actor type only select a specific instance . For example, I use an if loop stating if the mouse was pressed on [last created actor], but what I really want to say is if the mouse was pressed on [actor type mole1] or whatever...

Ok, I'm sorry this question is long. I'm a noobie, and I'm more of an artist, so I really appreciate any technical help you can give. I have wasted 8 hours (no joke) wrestling with this problem.

Thank you so much for your help!!!

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