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Ask a Question / Re: Spawning actor to penalize player when missed...
« on: February 13, 2013, 08:06:08 am »

Thank you so much! I'm glad to finally be heading in the direction to complete my game :).

As a note to anyone interested, I actually had to cancel the loop after it's completion
Every N seconds:
IF ( Game not paused )
- IF ( WasClicked == False ) //using boolean version is important here for true/false
-- Set Strikes to Strikes + 1
-- Recycle Self
- Cancel

This seems to be working. When I tried incorporating the check to see if self was alive, the timer would continue.

Thanks again for the help, I think the problem is resolved...Unless you foresee some terrible consequence from this method.

Ask a Question / Re: Spawning actor to penalize player when missed...
« on: February 12, 2013, 06:36:04 pm »
I've found a temporary fix, but it's not the ideal by any stretch:

In the every n seconds event
If (Game not paused)
-If (Was Clicked == False)
--Set Strikes to Strikes + 1
--Set Was Clicked to True
--Recycle Self

This interrupts the infinite loop that begins the moment the player misses the actor, but then the actor will stay on the screen for longer periods of time because somehow this timer that is attached to the actor is going on forever after the actor is deleted.

This is the problem, and no matter the solution it comes back to an infinite timer set from a single actor. If anyone knows a better solution to what I'm trying to accomplish, I really appreciate all help and feedback. Thanks again Hectate for helping me clarify the problem.

Ask a Question / Re: Spawning actor to penalize player when missed...
« on: February 12, 2013, 05:40:40 pm »
Hectate, thanks for the tip. I'm using behaviors now to test on the actors (after disabling/deleting those events).

I tried out those barebones, as you said, and at least now I can see the problem more clearly:
As long as you are deleting the actor before that wasClicked == False loops starts, it's all good, but once the loop starts it continues every n seconds even when no new actor enters the screen. I don't understand why, and I'm not sure how to avoid or go around it. Any ideas?

Thank you so much for helping me, I hope I can finally resolve this issue...I've begun dreaming about it, which is a real nightmare, let me tell you.

Ask a Question / Re: Spawning actor to penalize player when missed...
« on: February 12, 2013, 04:52:59 pm »
Yeah, that was another method I used in case the local boolean wasn't working. It wasn't originally there though. And I'm still messing with this problem right now. It's been removed and the same thing is happening.

Thanks for checking though. I wish it were that simple.

Ask a Question / Re: Spawning actor to penalize player when missed...
« on: February 12, 2013, 04:23:44 pm »
Sorry for attaching three of those screenshots. I'm tired and loopy from reworking the same problem for too long.

Ask a Question / Spawning actor to penalize player when missed...
« on: February 12, 2013, 04:21:07 pm »
Hello all,

Thank you in advance helping me get through this. I've been struggling for weeks on this issue. The logic is the same actor is spawned in one of several location, more than one at a time, if it's clicked then score is incremented by 1 and the actor is recycled (this is working fine). If it isn't clicked then every n seconds it checks to see if the game is paused, and if the actor was clicked (boolean). If the actor wasn't clicked, then it increments strikes (three strikes and you're out), and then it recycles self.

What actually ends up happening is that whether or not the actor is clicked strike increases. In fact, I'm pretty sure it continues increasing repeatedly from a single actor, and then the other actors as well.

I really appreciate the help here. I've tried several other solutions, but this is the most straight forward, and I feel like it should work. Thanks again.


Thank you for pointing me in the right direction Rob  :). I really appreciate the help! I think that should do the trick.

PS I believe I started with that part of the behavior in the actor type, but I was unaware of game attributes at the so I couldn't tie the actor type's behavior to the score.

Thanks again!

Hey Rob,

Thank you for taking the time to help me. I've played with those blocks before, and again, and I still am unable to use them and select an "actor type." As I mentioned, I've changed the strategy and placed an instance of my actor in the level, but then it's only that one instance, and apparently recycling is actor type specific while the buttons you suggested seem to be instance specific.

If I am missing something, could you specify how you would use those blocks to accomplish the task?

Thank you again for your help.

Please forgive my ignorance: Could you elaborate on that?

I found  said block, but I'm not sure how it will allow me to check to see if it's from a certain actor type.

I'm new to Stencyl, and programming, so again I appreciate your patience.

Hi All,

I'm working on a Whack-a-mole flash game. For a bit of background: I created an event that creates and recycles moles every few seconds. The variable in the event decrements every time the player clicks on the mole (which also adds to the score). The problem is that I would like to include more than one mole that would be more difficult to catch (ie different variable which begins faster and ends at a lower number).

Here's where it gets wiry: I've found that a lot of features that I want to use to select an actor type only select a specific instance . For example, I use an if loop stating if the mouse was pressed on [last created actor], but what I really want to say is if the mouse was pressed on [actor type mole1] or whatever...

Ok, I'm sorry this question is long. I'm a noobie, and I'm more of an artist, so I really appreciate any technical help you can give. I have wasted 8 hours (no joke) wrestling with this problem.

Thank you so much for your help!!!

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