Suggestion Issue: Export Game Files as " team type export "

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November 07, 2015, 04:03:06 pm
Hello Stencylers :) ! As already known, users are able to export their game files as Stencyl files  for back up or for sharing.  This suggestion is about another type of game exporting called  " team type export ".

  What is a " team type export " ?

 A " team type export " is a game file that is for users who want to upload the game file to GitHub or another git site and want their game to be open source. However the user who created the game file can restrict certain parts of the game (ex: actors , scenes) which he doesn't want the public accessing. So for example , lets say I create a game with lot of code and I want the game to be open source. But I don't want users messing around with the actors and scenes when editing my game. So I create restrictions on certain section that when this game file is exported users can only go to the  behaviors or something like that. Or if I want user to only edit scene I can restricted all the behaviors and actors and leave only the scenes unrestricted.

 Users can also resticked certain assets. For example if I want users editing the scene but not the events I can lock event and leave open the scene part.

  That sounds cool but why not just create a game with only code or whatever you want edited ?

 Simple, compatibility. Some code and actors are just in the game for compatibility reasons that prevent certain bugs. Even so if I can just add these actor or scenes lets say users have a huge game. They can't go and create a whole new game for open source, it takes to much time to look through 50 actors and 70 scene and 90 events. And even just adding all those compatibility actors takes a lot of work.


Well thanks for the read :) ! I hope this suggestion get added in :) !

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    November 07, 2015, 04:03:06 pm
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    November 07, 2015, 04:03:06 pm

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