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Bug Archives / Windows install with Standard user does not work
« on: August 01, 2014, 10:36:51 pm »
I'm using Windows 8.1, but I assume this problem would be present in 7 (and 8.0) as well.

When you attempt to install as a Standard User (without admin rights) you are asked to get and Administrator to put in their password to allow the installation to progress. When you do that, however, the application is installed pointing at the Admin's user directories, which makes it impossible for the intended user to use as the stencyworks directory is owned by someone else.

For example, if "Joe" (a Standard user) tries the install, but has to get "MyAdmin" to enter their password to complete the install, when "Joe" runs Stencyl and clicks on the View Games Folder button, he is told that he cannot access the directory, which is in /Users/MyAdmin/...

In order to get around this I had to make the user an Administrator, get them to complete the install, then make them a Standard user again. After that all seems to function correctly.

This would suggest that the wrong user is being used in the install scripts when the user directories are created, which I would expect isn't too hard to fix. Alternatively, it might be possible to create the user directories before getting to the part of the install which requires admin permissions (placing the application in the Program Files directory).

Well, just a second follow up here - my android development settings are lost by switching between the two, so I have to rerun "lime sedtup android" and paste in the relevant paths as prompted.

Just to confirm, simple bat or script files can be created to switch between installs of haxe.

I have a pair I'm using on Windows which simply consist of:
Code: [Select]
haxelib setup path/to/haxe
I run the right one before I start working in Stencyl or on my other haxe projects. I got the correct paths by running "haxelib config" before I installed Stencyl and after (as it changes it). This seems to work just fine.

Teaching with Stencyl / Re: My experiences teaching Stencyl
« on: July 15, 2014, 12:59:35 am »
I'm just starting to teach some kids using Stencyl.

The first barrier to them being able to take things home and work on them there, and to collaborate with others, seems to be that it isn't all that friendly to source control (which was my first thought).  I'm assuming that we can throw a Game's directory onto a USB drive and work on it somewhere else, and then bring it back and copy the changed version over what was there before. But I'm going to want to try that before I get the kids to try it with their projects.

Are a game's files able to be transferred from Mac to Windows? I'm assuming that will be fine.

The linux fix does seem to imply that haxelib setup might be all that is needed. One could write a batch file or somesuch to effect the change when needed...

Thanks again.

- Liam Routt

Thank you so much!

That absolutely worked. I'm sure I've used haxelib setup at one point, but it was so long ago I'd completely forgotten about it.

So, is there a way I can install Stencyl and keep my existing environment as well? It looks to be a fascinating tool.

- Liam Routt

I'm running on Windows 8, and have been developing using FlashDevelop for a while now, with openFL and a bunch of libraries installed.

I downloaded and installed Stencyl the other day to check it out, and when I tried to get back to my normal Haxe development today none of my libraries can be found. Haxelib upgrade seems to be working off of a list of libraries that Stencyl needed, and doesn't have the ones I was using.

I've uninstalled Stencyl, but still I can't get back to my development environment.

Any help appreciated.

- Liam Routt

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