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Guaranteed:  the most sickening yet humorous and emotive Flash Game ever created (imo:)).  It is family grade entertainment along the lines of 'Comedy Central' or fox tv. for example.

Thank U, Stencyl ! :)

In case the Game cannot be found there (:)), it can be found on my CaseSite:   
CaseSite is identity confirmed, malware scanned daily for Viewer Comfort.
from andy clark  eugene oregon

Chit-Chat / Please, need some help on this aspect
« on: February 01, 2013, 08:29:44 am »,18628.0.html

The Release 2.2 came with an excellent video player, got it working just fine EXCEPT:
1.  Need to know how to make it the BACKGROUND for the game.  Seems it always wants to be in the foreground, covering my Fine Game.   I do not have much experience with Stencyl, I have really tried long and hard to find answer and figure it out before i ask.
2.  I tried many approaches to make video play past the scene associated with the scene-behavior.  Is there a version similar to the SOUND, which is game-level? 
3.  Video-Actor confused my and the downloaded behavior on Stencyl had error codes and abended.

I would greatly appreciate Guidance, particularly on Item 1.  Thanks from Andy Clark at 

Windows / Mac / Flash / HTML5 / A Very Emotional Game
« on: January 26, 2013, 02:08:39 pm »
I created several versions of a simple Stencyl Flash shooting game, trying to tweak each detail until perfect.  I have it on my personal website WWW.RisePatriot.COM .     It involves Jesus, Electric Chair,  Pony, Hitler, Dachau oven, and Severed Heads (all cartoon like so its sorta funny) It is horrific and sick beyond comprehension and if you are under 18 or sensitive to extreme satire please do NOT look without appropriate adult guidance.

I am curious if it works on machines other than my own.  I am trying to avoid going to Starbucks to ask somebody.  Many of them have pepper spray.   I used WYSWYG web builder, my site is certified malware free each day by a service.  I am NOT trolling my sorry-ass site, I am really proud of my Stencyl Game and wondering if it works ok on other folk's machines.

Chit-Chat / Addicted to Stencyl
« on: November 26, 2012, 09:15:51 am »
   Idle chit-chat.  I am a very novice hobbyist with Stencyl.   I make little games for my own amusement and emotional release.  Problem:  it is causing addictive-compulsive behavior as I work endless hours to perfect some tiny aspect of my little games.  This is worsened GREATLY by the ability to incorporate google images, video art, and create animations.  It is INFINITE and I will get some idea then HAVE to go 'play' with it...endlessly until I am happy with it. 
   It is irrational, my simple Games are so possibly-Offensive and Twisted they can't be placed on sites such as Kongregate, where I was banned within an hour of posting my first game...but it did get 25 views in the hour, hahahah.  In addition to Games, I have video Emo-Political Artworks, U can look on  Factual, official... U can meet me in a SWAT car a/v trying to explain employee obligations under Dodd-Frank while handcuffed.... hysterical... shows you what financial legislation really does for the Workers.


Chit-Chat / Impressed with Stencyl Community
« on: November 15, 2012, 10:36:36 am »
I just wanted to point out how excellent Stencyl is for young people and how friendly the community is compared with other forums. 
IMO, the recent example in StencylForge 'new game sandbox'  by Warzone Games and ButterMonster stands out.  In the most friendly way, they challenged each other to Create over a sustained period of time.  They will no doubt be very successful in all they do as a result of what they practice on Stencyl, even if unrelated to games. 

Ask a Question / Using remote sound/video files in .swf Games
« on: November 08, 2012, 11:43:16 am »
My objective was to keep game file size down by incorporating the musical background in a 'remote' sound/video file.  I used the .flv player behavior that is in our Library. 
It did not work directly from would not get the youtube video:
It DID work when I placed the same file on my server:

the game is on  .  it is emo-political Art.... it got 25 views on Kongregate in less than an hour and then they pulled it.  I did not read the rules.  Seems the gaming world got lots of rules.

It also does not work on Stencyl in the beginner game posting.  Is that due to LIMITS placed by Youtube and Stencyl or do I need to add/change something?  thanks from Andy

Chit-Chat / Live and Learn: copyrights and emo-political games
« on: November 07, 2012, 10:26:06 am »
Making games is SOOOO different than making Youtube Music-Emo-Art videos.  On Youtube, there are very few limits because you can't monetize a song that does not belong to you.  e.g.  (Diary of Dodd-Frank/Blutengel Lucifer).

Ok, so I tried putting a song in a simple, funny game and put it on Kongregate.  It had 25 views in the first hour.  Then it disappeared. (it is on my site: .)

Turns out that anything emotional/political is offensive in some way so Kongregate don't allow that.  I disagree but I dont make the rules.  I even apologized via email to Kongregate, they let me keep my account.

However:  the use of someone else's song... that part I completely understand.  Seems they wanted to PAY me in some way for my Emo-Art Game that has copyrighted music in it!
Anyone know where I can place offensive personal Emo-Political Games that others are sure to love?  I don't want to earn $, that makes it dirty.  I only want people to laugh and feel a sense of release.

thank u for any direction, from Andy

Ask a Question / "Easy" Question about "Event"
« on: November 06, 2012, 07:41:33 pm »
My cute little game "shooting executive shit-flies and severed heads" is on the Stencyl 'beginner' game submissions and on my website:  You can see I integrated a song into the game but it makes the game file large. 

I need direction writing an event.  I am totally confused by the 'http get'.  I tried lots of different combinations but none worked.  I was able to 'open in browser' but I don't want to open a browser window, I want to use the Http 'get' (i think i do anyway) and get the .mp3.....

I want to have my Game use sound files from my host-server.  Here are the mp3 files I have stored as samples:

I want the Game Player to be able to click on an Actor with an Event that:
1. Gets the .mp3 file selected.
2. "Loads" it as the song that starts when 'start' is clicked.

Any help would be outstanding, thanks!

Ask a Question / Getting SoundFiles from my Host During the Game
« on: November 06, 2012, 09:26:03 am »
I will have the $199 for full Membership in a couple days.  I am not a serious developer, I do it for fun and I am HAPPY to pay $199 for some fun (cheaper than most other fun, hahahaha).  I really LOVE Stencyl, I just cannot get over how GREAT it is ! ! !

I downloaded Stencyl a week ago and already made a pretty good application, i put it on Stencyl beginner games, it is called "shooting executive shit flies and severed heads".  It features "SugaSuga" by Baby Bash, I had no problem incorporating that song into the Game. 

>>>> I want to give the GamePlayer several choices for game background music.
To make the GameFile small and to give lots of choices, I want the Game to access my host and obtain the MP3 file.  Ideally it would even go to youtube and just start playing a song without opening a Youtube window. <<<<<<<

For example, I created an Actor that is in fixed position, no behaviors.  When I click the Actor, I want to visit my webhost and obtain the soundfile and start playing it.

I carefully tried a large number of combinations based on the Stencylpedia HTTP request and examples but now my brain is FRIED from trying so if anyone has a sample Event that does this, please let me know, thanks!  Even More Supreme would be a self-populating clickable list.  For example, suppose I have 5 .mp3 files on my Host address, it would be great to have those 5 populate a clickable list.

The simple solution appears to be an Event tied to an Actor that gets the soundfile associated with the actor.  I could make, say, 5 different Actors, each would have an EVENT when Clicked that:
goes to my HTTP address for my file (sample at'Alu%20[1978].mp3).  U can see the Game also on my personal site:

n testing, I had no problem making a browser window open but I don't want to open a new browser window, I want to do an HTTP 'get' but cannot figure out all the details!  Help!  Thank U.

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