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Windows / Mac / Flash / HTML5 / Re: Rombo (Full Version)
« on: July 17, 2013, 01:28:59 pm »
Looks awasome man!! I love the art style, its so unique :)

Resolved Questions / Re: Question: Dialouge
« on: July 17, 2013, 12:30:19 pm »
What you are asking for is a very complex system.  It's possible, but it is very difficult.  I wont go through how to make the entire thing, but you basically need to create a dialogue system (or borrow one from the Stencylforge) and make some mods to it.  You would store dialogue into a list as text.  You would also store special parameters into the text string that tells the system what to do.  For instance, let's say that I am displaying four lines of dialogue at a time.  On the first line I would have something like this:
2_Yes_No_acceptQuest_rejectQuest_Hey there adventurer! Have you got a moment?
I could really use your help with something of the utmost importance!

There we have two lines of dialogue.  Then we'd need to split the text in line one into a separate list so that we can analyze it.  We would split it at the _.  Next, we'd check to see the item at list position 0, which would be the 2.  This signifies that we will have 2 possible choices.  That also tells the dialogue to check the next 4 parameters.

So, now that we know we have 2 choices, we move on to list object #1, which is Yes.  This will generate a button on screen with the text Yes.  We send to that Yes Button parameter #3 which tells it to trigger event acceptQuest, when pressed, in all behaviors for our NPC.  We then create the next button, No, which triggers rejectQuest.

Finally, we have the normal line of text which our npc will say.  So, the final result of this code would look something like this in the dialogue box:

Hey there adventurer! Have you got a moment?
I could really use your help with something of the utmost importance!
1. Yes
2. No

Then, when the player clicks on acceptQuest or rejectQuest, you have the dialogue skip to the required position in the dialogue list to display the appropriate response, or you use a separate list of dialogue for that.

Like I said, it is a very complicated system.  If you don't understand a single thing that I said, you probably need more experience with Stencyl.

Thanks a lot that you took your time!
Man i appreciate it!! I will list you in the credits (seriously)
I had no idea how to even start, but now i know how to start at least :)

Man thanks again :)

Game Ideas / Some ideas for a new game...
« on: July 17, 2013, 02:10:13 am »
I decided to write some biographs, just for fun, and if they are good i will put them in this game, A Cloak From The Past.

These are just biographs about the four playable characthers in the game. But i would like to hear your feedback and so.

Personalities And Biographs:

Timmy The Kid:

Biography: Not much is known about Timmy, although he makes a good explorer and adventurer he is just a kid and does not really think and wonder that much, his parents are unknown, although he lives with his "grandpa", and grandpa is lost. And thats why he is out looking for him. But he should have armored himself more than a bucket and a cloak, i mean the sword is okay but... oh? I forgot to tell you he found a magical cloak? Well thats what the game is about.

Weaknesses: He is afraid of the darkness and cannot enter dark places without some kind of light.
Timmy is bullied by other kids for his imagination, but he does not really care about it, timmy is also very bad at ranged combat since he can only throw bombs and paralyze enemies with nuts or stones he finds around trees.

The last and the strongest weakness is that he has no more than 25 Hp points (since he doesnt have any "real armor"

Strengths: His sword was given to him as a birthday gift from the Town Wizard, the sword has a magical enchantment of "unbreakable", since he doesnt have to change his sword, it makes a lot more space in his backpack and belt, where he instead puts nuts and rocks, and some Hp Pots, his bucket on the head gives nothing in plus since its not enchanted,  but makes him overall more cute, and that has benefits in gameplay, believe me or not.  He is also immune to all poisions and diseases caused by food and various attacks, that is very useful since the other characthers can be diseased, but not cured. 

The last and best thing is that he is short, and can manage to get across tight spaces and risky bridges, as Ernie, you can of curse fly, but not crouch or land.

The Birdie Ernie:

Biography: Birdie Ernie, or just Ernie. Is Timmys best friend and pet, when Ernie was a little kid trying to learn to fly he fell into a hot, and i mean burning hot brew, only seconds after his mother flew and catched him, and some days after the incident Ernie started to get a bit darker, "burned" feathers, and when he opened his mouth he accidently spited fire and killed his mother, since he was just a baby he didnt really care, turns out it was some fire brew, man, what do i know? and from that day he just knew he was something special, and Timmy taught so when finded Ernie too, he burned down Grandpas house a few times, but i mean... Thats why Timmy loves him, rigth? And besides breathing fire and spiting lava, he can fly fast and carry lots of stuffs in his backpack.

Weaknesses: Breathing fire is good for combat, but sometimes people will  not be so nice to him, mainly because they think that he will destroy their house or kill them by accident and the ability to not crawl or land, is a big minus. He is also alot more likely to be poisoned or diseased.

The last and strongest weakness is that he cant talk, because birds dont talk, they spit fire, but dont talk, simple as that.

Strengths: He is very good in combat and does a lot of damage, espiecally the overall stacking damage. He can carry lots of stuff in his backpack, he is very fast and has a total of 45 Hp, he can also activate switches beetween gaps and levers at walls, overall he is very fast and good at combat

The last and best thing is that he is the only characther that can fly. Since he is a bird. What did you think? Birds fly man, accept it.

Reinard The Wanderer:

Biography: Reinard is a tall, and clumsy wanderer, he is on a trip on a request from the Lord of Bitroftia across all regions to write the longest and best book in the world, called An Adventurers Life 101. He is convinced that this is the only thing that he is good at, but Timmy and Ernie knows he makes a pretty god bowman.

Weaknesses: Although he is a good guy he can sometimes be a little ruff and angry in conversations, such things can lead to hostile villagers and guards, he is not so good with swords and overall close combat and he does not have any room in his backpack, mainly because he has his damn book in it.

His strongest weakness is that he is very clumsy and can be a little slower than the other guys to attack, and he cant climb stairs and ladders, he needs to be carried or thrown over a ledge/gap to come across.

Strengths: he is very talented with the bow during many many years of training, he is a little slow, but steady. He has a Hp value of 50, he is very tall and that has benefits, such as reaching apples on a tree and activating levers on a cliff.

The last and best thing is that he is a master at stealing stuff, which he isnt very proud of...

Mc Ruff The Strong:

Biography: Mc Ruff was born in another region of Bitroftia, where babies where thaugth to figth instead of speak, and where haircuts didnt exist, under an attack his parents died in front of his blue eyes, and later that day he was taken away by an old woman, and he grew up eating cake, lots of cake, thats why he is fat, as a life rule number one he has choosen to help anybody who needs him, but he refuses to use a weapon, and only fights bare-handed, he is a very nice person but the voice does not really go trough his beard, oh, i forgot to mention that he has the sexiest beard in Bitroftia. The girls are like: oh, here he comes :) yippie, you know, that feel? You dont? Oh well. I see

Weaknesses: he is very slow since he is fat, but strong. He can speak but only like: Me, Want, That... Since he wasnt teached to talk, and the voice cant really go trough his beard...

The last and strongest weakness is that he is unable to steal, since his moral is to not steal or harm a villager/wanderer.

Strengths: he is the strongest and "machoest" characther in the game, since he has 80 Hp points and does a lot of damage, some enemies migth even die after one punch! Do i have to say more? He is BADASS!!

The last and best thing is that he can but slam some of the stones and metal sometimes crossed in Bitroftia... and yes... It will break. This is considered to be overpowered, but he is macho ;)

Resolved Questions / Re: Question: Dialouge
« on: July 16, 2013, 12:13:05 pm »
There is not a premade solution, no.  (Trust me, I checked about 2 minutes ago.)  However, you could make your own system for dialogue.  Here's how I did mine in AS3 (Flixel)...

I had a dialogue class that was called from an NPC object.  When the dialogue method shoots, the game alternates to another update function that only specific objects have.  That feature is so I can have certain animations and other things still running during the dialogue.  You never truly want to pause everything in a game.  Anyway, whenever the dialogue class closed or finished what it was doing, it would call a function/method from the NPC object's code.  That function would then call the dialogue class' function for updating the dialogue... if there are any dialogue lines left.

Hope that helps. :-X

Thanks for your long and detailed walktrough, but my question was, if you could make a dialouge like in skyrim or walking dead, and could you please make a step-to-step thingy walktrough for me? And do you know anything about thoose dialouges i mentioned?

And thanks for your help :)

Resolved Questions / Re: Question: Dialouge
« on: July 16, 2013, 12:09:55 pm »
I have no idea where it is that boon was attempting to find a dialogue system, because there are a ton of them up on Stencylforge, including one that I made.  To locate the Stencylforge, simply open up Stencyl, click on View, then click on Stencylforge.  Then you can search for behaviors and games and all kinds of other resources.  My dialogue system can be found by searching Games for Mee - Dialogue.

Thanks, i appreciate your help, though my question was if i could have a dialouge like in skyrim and walking dead, howewer thank anyway

Resolved Questions / Question: Dialouge [SOLVED]
« on: July 16, 2013, 01:44:01 am »
Im working on my 2D sidescroller and i wonder if its possible to make dialouge with/without cutscenes, and if it is possible to make dialouge options that will/wont change the gameplay, im thinking more like questions and such things, of curse a responding dialouge.

It would be nice if any of you guys could answer me, and if you have some link to video or text please link it in your replie(s)

Paid Work / Re: Game Testers Wanted
« on: July 15, 2013, 03:53:44 pm »
I would love to test/try beta or something, or maybe im too late?

Windows / Mac / Flash / HTML5 / Re: Boss 101
« on: July 15, 2013, 03:44:12 pm »
Again, the game looks and plays the way it should, have you tried kong or something yet, armorgames? Sponsorship is always good for publicity, By the way, max doesnt really look like a regular teen, so i had to ask to be sure :)
And i know that feeling about grand visions, but i always ask my best friend and regular pals at school before i start on something new :) i wanted to make a unity game 3D, And i was planning to get like randomly generated worlds and shit ;) but 99% of my friends told me i was aiming for something impossible as a first game.

And could you please check in at my game, i would love to hear your opinion on my 2 Posts :),23614.0.html,23664.0.html

Check out those topics and replied. I haven't looked officially into any sponsorships. I'm pretty new to all this so I am not sure where to start. I have been floating some ideas around.

Are you saying you can get sponsorship before you are done at a place like Kongregate or Armor Games? Just curious since I haven't contacted either at this point.

really cool, but i would work on the audio a little bit more, background soundtrack is pretty repetitive.

Thanks for the compliment and totally agree. The audio is due for a tweak pass. I plan to add more music and vary up the soundtrack.


Damn man, i dont have a clue, but i guess you could, but mainly for now Kongregate is the one i care about, and as for you i think Kong to, armorgames seems a bit weird (just my opinion)

I think you should read their Game Dev page, i havent read them yet since i havent been around stencyling and photoshoping for that long, anyway if you dont like any of them, consider Kickstarter, and not indiegogo, never indiegogo... I heard terrible stories about marketing and shit that gogo isnt the right thing

Game Ideas / Re: Vote: Our Next Game
« on: July 15, 2013, 03:32:56 pm »
Three Amigos caught my eye. John seems cool too!

Heck, any of them done well would be awesome.


Thanks man :) i really appreciate that you gave me some feedback!! I thaught three amigos could be something special, so i throwed in love storys in the description, John has in fact been the game i been struggling to make since i was seven years old :) but id rather go with A Normal Day as a first game, and my personal favorite is A Cloak From The Past, but since im leting you stencylers choose i will try to make the best out of what i have then :)

Game Ideas / Re: My First "Game": A Normal Day!
« on: July 15, 2013, 03:26:19 pm »
i been throwing around with this new game idea i call a Normal Day! this is my first real game and i wanted to make something in stencyl that was easy and filled with humour, so i decided to think on it.

So a Normal Day is a 2D action platformer about an octupus invasion from outer-space and randomly caused disaster and destroyal, whitch side you choose matters and changes the main gameplay, your best friend or the high king of the octolords

you run, falcon-punch and stone-butt trough the city of Chicago as you either choose to be on a mission for the octolords or some sort of self-taken order to take revenge on them, as a two man team with your friend Roland or octopus-birdie Makaroni! Including epic boss batles versus either dangerous octolords or the president, nothing can go wrong! except for everything :)
i want it to be a small and about a 1-2 hour enjoyable experience with some easter eggs, i want to put the focus at the pixel art and gameplay, my brother-from-another-mother is doing dubstep-music to the game. Im working with my best friend August, so we cant really do that much of a long game right now, if it goes well there is always sequels and shit ;)

I would be very thankfull if you gave me some feedback on my idea and suggestions on everything, yet nothing but the music is in development so i hope we will be able to post some images and demo stuff soon :D

Love the idea. The thought of playing either side is cool.

Something which pooped into my head reading it is the possible (though not insurmountable) idea of making two separate games play situations (one for the friend and one for the octolord). That seems like a fair bit of work but I don't know from reading this how similar they might be.


Like i said its going to be a small and enjoyable experience, maybe not even two hours, and mainly i would try to get everything in the same game, otherwise i will have to put a link

Im working with my best friend August and well probably be able to make the game without any bigger problems :) but thanks for your concern

Ask a Question / Re: Dragging/Item Pickup
« on: July 15, 2013, 07:19:03 am »
Perhaps you could make the text you wrote a little less "pain in the ass" to read, perhaps you could PM me or something youtube shit or send/link video/text whatever, i would be very grateful :)

You will need array X x Y which will represent your inventory at the beginning you must fill it with "0" -representing empty space. create actor representing inventory<set of boxes>. for each box make item/loot actor. place it in a center of a box. hide sprite for it.
 you find item on ground. instead of dragging i suggest you start of with on mouse click. It's easier and once you will be done it can be converted into drag. click on item.

make controls behavior when i pressed

if <inventory open>
    close inventory
otherwise open inventory (screen) (and load items form array)

Now the question is how your inventory works. is it set of boxes and in a one box you can fit one item in one box or is it diablo style where a sword can occupy 3 boxes. IF you go for the first one<easier> the genral idea is like this.

after you clicked the loot make it follow your mouse. click on a box in an inventory. get x and y of mouse. based on x and y of mouse find proper place in array. if place at(x,y) array=0(is empty) fill at[x,y] with number equal to the loot(1= sword , 2 =shield etc.). kill actor following your mouse and change animation for item actor on a place where you clicked (get value form array[x,y]), show sprite for that actor.   

i need some pics(game or concept art) as problem without them is abstract and i must know what you need.

Windows / Mac / Flash / HTML5 / Re: Boss 101
« on: July 15, 2013, 06:47:11 am »
This looks like a good game, keep up the good work :)

Is the main character human? Or something else, i know it says teen in description but it looks a lot like a bug or animal :)

Thanks for the compliments! Max (the main character) is a human. I went through a bit of a process getting him to where he is. Mostly the choices were based on time, my skill and the workload appropriateness. When I first started I had grand visions of a high resolution UbiSoft level animation game. As soon as I started digging into it I quickly realized the insane amount of work it would personally take me. That's not a bad thing mind you but within the scope of what I wanted to do for this first game it was not the best use of my time. Getting comfortable making a game in Stencyl and hitting a fun quality bar superceded my pure artistic desires.

I've been in the games industry for a while and something I notice (and am guilty of) is focusing on one piece versus the whole pie. My friend has a term called 'chaos level' and he uses it to describe things matching with each other in context. Basically - you want the 'chaos level' of something you are creating to be consistent. Companies like Kairosoft (GameDev Story and others) have a high consistency within their games. Every piece works with the other pieces for the most part. Their colors work, the shapes and level of detail work, etc.

Kinda a long answer for a simple question! Here are some shots of Max "through the ages". This was during the 3 week pre-production I went through with him.

Thanks again and any other questions are welcome. I'll post some more screenies as they drop in!

Again, the game looks and plays the way it should, have you tried kong or something yet, armorgames? Sponsorship is always good for publicity, By the way, max doesnt really look like a regular teen, so i had to ask to be sure :)
And i know that feeling about grand visions, but i always ask my best friend and regular pals at school before i start on something new :) i wanted to make a unity game 3D, And i was planning to get like randomly generated worlds and shit ;) but 99% of my friends told me i was aiming for something impossible as a first game.

And could you please check in at my game, i would love to hear your opinion on my 2 Posts :),23614.0.html,23664.0.html

Game Ideas / Re: Vote: Our Next Game
« on: July 15, 2013, 03:34:15 am »
Actually, I think the second option sounds very charming. I'd say go with that one!

Thank you, i think its charming and cute too, thats why i made it :)

Game Ideas / Re: Vote: Our Next Game
« on: July 15, 2013, 12:49:16 am »
i relly like all the choises except the first 2. the rest seem relly good. i cant decide!

Thanks man!! But what is it you dont like about the first two?

Resolved Questions / Re: Question: Co-Op??
« on: July 15, 2013, 12:47:34 am »
Here's a 5-part series on making a platformer (links in the "Updates" section for 2-5):

There is not going to be a direct walkthrough for what you are doing since it is something uncommon and is just a manipulation of a base game.

Thank you for all your help man :) i appreciate it!

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