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Hey team! I seem to be having trouble with the aforementioned move camera block. In the attached picture you can see that I'm using number attributes which are not working at all. I've also tried it putting in the numbers directly into the block, but this does not work either. The camera remains set at 0,0.

However, by setting an Actor Attribute the camera will move when I put [x/y of Actor Attribue] blocks into the Camera block :(

Any ideas what's going on?

EDIT: I've tried it by removing the Boolean operation, so don't think it's that :D

Ask a Question / Apply Stroke to Text
« on: August 14, 2011, 06:02:38 am »
Hey team - having a little trouble trying to apply the Stroke drawing block to text... I was just wondering if it was possible?

My current Behaviour attempting said action is attached bellow. I can't see anything wrong with it, so I'm guessing this block only applies to drawn images?

EDIT: I should also mentioned I tried putting the 'set stroke thickness' and 'set stroke colour' blocks after the drawing of the text, which did not work.

Resolved Questions / Unexpected incompatible block combination
« on: July 28, 2011, 12:18:44 am »
Using the "get item # {x} from {list} as text" block within the "tell this to {x}" block doesn't seem to produce any result (see file Power Up.png bellow). However other blocks seem to combine the two without any hassles (I've attached an example too).

Windows / Mac / Flash / HTML5 / Swim [Build 004 - 17/12/12]
« on: July 21, 2011, 04:35:35 pm »
Work in Progress!

Development of Swim started way back early 2009, where I first intended it to be a small game to learn the basics of Stencyl before launching into my main idea at the time. As I worked on the artwork, I rapidly fell in love with the cute characters and idea behind the game, and Swim grew bigger in intent.

Soon after, I was lucky enough to be allowed in the Beta, and I began working on the game. Things were going swimmingly, however, Stencyl was young and many changes came with each update. One day, an update broke my game at a stage where I had hand made over 90 Snippets Behaviours. I attempted to start again, but life began to get busy and my motivation took a blow. Development stopped and I ashamedly left the community for some time.

Now I am pleased to announce Swim is back! Step by step, I will construct Builds of this game until all the game mechanics are ready to be put into a story where I hope you'll one day be able to play :D

You are a young Jellyfish out on a journey to save the ones you love. A storm has recently ravaged your town, which gave the perfect opportunity for a group of Mobster Lobsters to kidnap your family and every other Jelly in the village! You set out to find the fabled Great Pearls which are rumoured to contain the Power of the Sea, and save your family!

Build 001
Basic Player movement
Functional Camera
Basic Player attack
Some sound effects
A music tract
Destructable Actors

Development Notes 22/07/11
Due to the unique moving style, so far all Behaviours have been constructed by myself, and there are currently 12 working behind the scenes to result in what you see. I love Stencyl's design mode, and it's been drastically improved since the time I've been away, it's a joy to be back making games. These Behaviours are loosely based on my old ones, but now drastically improved and much more 'cleaner' than what the old ones were.

The camera works well, but I've had to approach this in a roundabout way due to this bug. Not a major drama, when there's a will there's a way to get around things. Also, the seaweed Actors will randomly generate one of three Animations when you start the game, which gives the Scene a bit of variability. This Behaviour can be found in StencylForge under 'Random Image'.

All music for this game has been composed by the mighty KungFuFurby. Amazing stuff!

Any and all feedback is welcome. Some things I'd like you to think about while trying Build 001 is the 'feel' of the character's movement, the camera's speed and the control scheme. I love nothing more than hearing any and all feedback! I hope you'll look forward to the next Build!

I'm trying to get the camera to follow a special actor that slides smoothly after the player. However, this actor does not want to slide when the actor moves. The only times it does move is when the player moves off the screen (and hence becomes inactive as the camera won't follow). It's very strange as I can't see anything wrong with the behaviour or actors.

See attached image bellow for the behaviour. This is attached to the player actor. Both actors are selected to move normally (although they are not effected by gravity).

This problem was present in 1.0.2 and still present in 1.0.3

EDIT: Doing a little poking around, it seems the block "slide [Actor/Attribute] to (x,y) over [z] seconds using [Dropdown] doesn't work for anything other than the 'Self' option.

EDIT EDIT: Seems like none of the Tween blocks work for anything other than self :o

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