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Wow, i really love that art style in your game..... i was wondering all the scenes are crated not by tiles... so it was created using all actors? i mean using atlas?? or using individual actors that you place and make a scene with tons of actors?... and the collision is made with terrain collision or... collision is just from the actor.... Im sorry i have so many questions... but i want to work with stencyl too, i am a teacher and many of my students says that stencyl is so good, but they are unable to create a full hd game... so only answer.... well it depends on how you use your resources..... but i didnt know that a project like your's could be done using stencyl....
I use Unity, Unreal, Stencyl and i was planning to learn Game maker or Fusion cause i didnt know that could be possible on stencyl...
If you can help me guiding me, how can i manage the resources in an optimized way i will be gratefull.....

By the Way  I have Preordered the Game :)

Thanks in Advance

Hi adi2012 the only thing you have to do is in the "scenes -> Level Scenes" in the jump and run extend, select your desired "level / scene " you must disable the "play bgm" behavior and add the new behavior that it already comes in the new version of stencyl "backrgound music" to your scene....... i corrected it in that way .

I hope it helps.

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