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Ask a Question / Some questions regarding a game I plan...
« on: February 15, 2012, 12:02:35 pm »
So, as the title says, i`m planning a game and encountered some questions.

First, for better understanding, it would be sort of a stealth-shooter, but also with a bit of tactics and covering behind boxes/barrels/whatev.

Also: I don`t want pre-written behaviours or links to Stencyl-forge (only if it would be really hard doing it myself). I want to learn how to make this game, not to connecting some parts to a Frankenstein of a game...

So, my questions:

1. I´ve already read about "regions", but couldn`t find anything useful in the Stencylpedia.
a) How do i define regions?
b) What possibilities do regions offer? (triggering behaviours, special abilities only available in this region)
c) Can you attach regions to actors?

What do i want to use regions for:
- Field of vision: when the player enters this region the enemies would start shooting/pursuing the player. Thus they have to be at the front of the enemy all the time, maybe movable.
- Backstabs: when the player is behind the enemy he should be able to kill him directly, so when the player is behind him and presses q for example, the enemy is killed. (I thought about doing this with sensors to, but they only cover a small region, don`t they?)

Also, especially for the second point, do i think too complicated and this would be doable similar to the "Stomp"-behaviour?

2. Can two game-worlds/scenes ran parallel?
The player should be able to enter ventilation shafts to stealth around enemies etc., but the enemies have to walk on while he`s inside them.

Again, do I think too complicated?

3. Is there any crash course for AI-creation?
Things i`m especially interested in:
- shooting at player/last known position
- actively seeking the player when not in field of vision
- object in the scene attracting the nearest enemy (not all)
- custom actions when near special objects/enemies, e.g. replenishing ammo near a ammo box or following a elite guard


I`m looking forwards for any answers and I`ll thank in advance. :)

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