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Chit-Chat / Re: Favorite weapon in a video game?
« on: March 27, 2012, 07:38:57 am »
Shotguns. Revolvers. Bolt action rifles.
And crossbows of course.

Game Ideas / Re: Preternatural (Story-driven platform shooter)
« on: March 06, 2012, 06:55:39 am »
Again: What exactly do you mean by "enhanced human" and "genetic experimentation"?

Oh, and I would use different gun-sprites - it just seems more professional, little things like these are often rated harder than core-gameplay-features.

You would go down for 2 reasons.

1. Explore to find your crew. Why would you leave them behind? You can't get out without them.
2. You were told to get an element from underground.

The ground isn't solid. It's a cavern. There's pretty much a second civilization underground in a vast series of tunnels and chambers.

The treasure is the element stated earlier. I need to think this next part up because I'm not sure if it is significant to the beings underground that are not animals. I'm also not sure about the origin of the beings yet.
Still, nothing of these would give you any advantage, unless the element is able to make you lighter than air. And what would the crew have from having you down here, instead of the surface there you could start a rescue mission?
You`re literally digging your own grave by going down.

So, either the element/treasure should have great abilities or one from the crew - otherwise the story is a bit too illogical.

You are a miner sent to a location with a stunning new mineral that lies there waiting to be extracted. An accident with your Drill Pod occurs, and you and other group members are trapped underground. It turns out that you are not alone in this cave, because there are native creatures that are hostile and mindless animals, and others who are rational beings. The only way to go is down, and you've got a long way to go to search for your team. Build an arsenal, protect yourself, and discover a hidden treasure!
Woah, hold a second.
This story is incredibly screwed.
a) only way is down - that`s a empty phrase. First, everything beyond you will be more rock and finally lava. Also, what do you think would be here that could help getting back to the surface?
And last - if you have the technology to dig down, why can`t you dig up? (if you say "you landed in a deep cave and can`t reach the ceiling", you could still dig around the cave)
b) why do you look for a treasure? First, how will this treasure help you (remember, you`re basically digging in the only way you should NOT dig, only to get this treasure), second, where did you hear of this treasure? (the wild animals will rather eat you than showing you a treasure, and if the rational beings know of it, why don`t they get it? They`re living under the earth, so they must have technology to dig to this deeps. If they don`t have, how did they got here?)

Game Ideas / Re: Preternatural (Story-driven run-and-gun)
« on: February 29, 2012, 10:54:49 am »
About the colourful thing: a big risk would be either having a world which doesn`t fit the style (colourful, despite being grim) or a protagonist not fitting the world (like a pink disco dancer in a war game).

About bullet-time: I wasn`t thinking of it as "it`s magic!" but more as enhanced reflexes - but I think I misunderstood your idea of "enhanced human". What exactly did you mean?
Better constitution?
Increased intelligence?
Easy weapon-handling?

Concerning RPG, a bigger part:
First, I don`t know how you planned the world.
Open world, with unlocking areas?
Missions and a hub there you can buy new weapons, etc.?

Also, what`s about different objectives - only one (beat the level by going from entrance to exit)?
Different ones (killing enemies, freeing hostages, etc., the level ends after you completed them)?
If open world: Quests?
Also: side objectives, like collecting hidden objects?

Generally, I would use Exp for killing enemies, completing levels/tasks and collecting hidden objects.
You would gain stat-points for level ups, which give health, damage, basic things.
Probably upgrades every 3 or 5 levels, like faster reloading.
Nothing too complicated.

Game Ideas / Re: Preternatural (Story-driven run-and-gun)
« on: February 27, 2012, 08:18:09 am »
It seems a bit to colourful for that kind of game, but maybe you could compensate this with light and shadow.
Still, maybe darker clothes.

It would be helpful too if you could show a first concept for an enemy, so it would be possible to compare them.

Gameplay possible:
- bullet-time effects
 - telepathy/telekinesis (this sounds a bit over the top, think of the adept in Mass Effect)
- RPG-elements, like upgradable HP, speed, ammo, etc.

As you talked about "getting out with brute force" or "keeping peace", maybe lethal and stunning weapons?

Ask a Question / Re: Some questions regarding a game I plan...
« on: February 16, 2012, 05:31:46 am »
c) You can create a region attribute in an actor behavior, and set it to a different region for each actor. Is that what you mean by "attach"?
I meant "region that moves with the actor".
2. No, two scenes cannot run in parallel. If you want the actor to be in the ventilation shaft and the enemies moving at the same time, then all of it has to happen in the same scene. The only information that you can carry over between scenes is the values of game attributes.
Then, is there any easy way to use this ventilation-shafts as overlay, blacking out all regions outside?

Ask a Question / Some questions regarding a game I plan...
« on: February 15, 2012, 12:02:35 pm »
So, as the title says, i`m planning a game and encountered some questions.

First, for better understanding, it would be sort of a stealth-shooter, but also with a bit of tactics and covering behind boxes/barrels/whatev.

Also: I don`t want pre-written behaviours or links to Stencyl-forge (only if it would be really hard doing it myself). I want to learn how to make this game, not to connecting some parts to a Frankenstein of a game...

So, my questions:

1. I´ve already read about "regions", but couldn`t find anything useful in the Stencylpedia.
a) How do i define regions?
b) What possibilities do regions offer? (triggering behaviours, special abilities only available in this region)
c) Can you attach regions to actors?

What do i want to use regions for:
- Field of vision: when the player enters this region the enemies would start shooting/pursuing the player. Thus they have to be at the front of the enemy all the time, maybe movable.
- Backstabs: when the player is behind the enemy he should be able to kill him directly, so when the player is behind him and presses q for example, the enemy is killed. (I thought about doing this with sensors to, but they only cover a small region, don`t they?)

Also, especially for the second point, do i think too complicated and this would be doable similar to the "Stomp"-behaviour?

2. Can two game-worlds/scenes ran parallel?
The player should be able to enter ventilation shafts to stealth around enemies etc., but the enemies have to walk on while he`s inside them.

Again, do I think too complicated?

3. Is there any crash course for AI-creation?
Things i`m especially interested in:
- shooting at player/last known position
- actively seeking the player when not in field of vision
- object in the scene attracting the nearest enemy (not all)
- custom actions when near special objects/enemies, e.g. replenishing ammo near a ammo box or following a elite guard


I`m looking forwards for any answers and I`ll thank in advance. :)

Shared Resources / Re: Ragdoll Test
« on: February 13, 2012, 11:58:34 am »
I played around a bit and it seems that the ragdoll moves upwards when you deactivate gravitation.
Is this intended?

EDIT: Seems to be caused by little collisions, even when remaining calm, newly spawned dolls remain where they are spawned.
Is there are a way do avoid this mini-collisions?

Game Ideas / Re: Outline and quick draft of an RPG story line
« on: February 13, 2012, 11:26:03 am »
The story is good, basically.
Still, a little bit stereotypical, isn`t it?

It`s like bad people (queen) versus good people (prince) who grows (peddler) and is accompanied by a silly sidekick (the newbie-knight. The "silly" is only speculation, but he didn`t seem to be a very strong character)

- the peddler could have visions regarding his former life as prince, thinking he would went insane and struggling on his quest
- some way he could learn more about his parents in the real world (rifts in the dream world maybe?), finding out his father was a tyrant, and at the end leaving the possibility to either leave his mother alive or kill her.
- the goddess hasn`t much screen time, maybe books you can find ingame about the theology of this world?

A quite big idea which would change the entire story:
No dream world, instead the goddess created a new body. This would leave the choice to either get back in his old body (living the easy life of the prince) or stay in the new one (for living a life of adventure and being with his new friends)
This would also make the queen as arch enemy more present.
The visions and struggling could stay.

If you don`t want ends to choose, take the "new body"-thing. This would leave room for a sequel there another god could obtain his old body.

Windows / Mac / Flash / HTML5 / Re: Totality
« on: February 11, 2012, 07:51:19 am »
I really liked it - the story wasn`t that well polished, though.
A bit of text at the end would have been nice.

@rob: a little tip - you can drop a key with S.
@EatoreHippo: Maybe you should habe mentioned this ingame.

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