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Wow thank you so much for helping.
This is exactly what I needed.
Once again thank you very much for taking your time to share your knowledge and help me out.
Kind regards!

Hello I would need a bit of help as I'm trying to write a behavior for an actor obstacle inside a game.
The obstacle/ actor reffers to a balancing axe hanging on the roof that needs to move 90 degress to left and right in a semicircular motion.
Axe has no animation so I would like to know if it's possible to have it rotate around a point and such in order to gain this kind of semicircular movement
Picture attached for a better understanding.
Real noob here so any help is kindly appreciated.

There are ways around it. If your game will be embedded in a HTML wrapper you can set the size yourself. When you're playing it in the Flash player, you can resize the screen then just right-click and select 'Show All'.

Thanks for the suggestion. Will test it to see how it works.

It seems not. What you can do however is figure out where you want to publish your game and make the game exactly in the size said website provides.
Well I hope that once the game will be ready to have it published on more websites, I know from past experience that it's better to have the game resize dinamicaly.
672x480 should be handled by most websites I believe.
 I tried to make it 640x480 but if I use 64x64 tiles the bottom part for the walk path/ grass / land would have and empty row.

Stencyl doesn't support dynamic resizing.

Wow this doesn't sound so good. So basically the game is stuck at exactly 672x480 and can't be resized by the browser to automaticaly  fit the embed area.

Ask a Question / Flash game not resizing accordingly to the windows size
« on: October 29, 2016, 03:21:07 am »
Hello I'm playing around with Stencyl for a few days while trying to create my first platform game.
I currently use a 672x480 screen resolution and 48x48 pixels tileset,
My settings are the following:
Scale set to 1x
Scale mode set to  : Scale to fit (Letterbox).

Everything works good except that when exporting the game as .swf ,  if I resize the SWF player or Browser window by making it wider or such, the game won't resize according to the window new dimensions.
The game remains exactly 672x480 aligned to the top left corner and the rest of the available space fills with black.

Most flash games that are published online have this option to resize automaticaly and I would like to make mine the same, yet somehow I can't seem to make it work.

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