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Ok so this problem has been driving me up the wall. I have two groups: Units and Enemies. The group Units has three actors in it, Swordsman, Spearman, and Bowman.  The Enemies group is going to have more actors in it like Calvary, Buildings, Slimes, and other killable things.  Whenever a unit or enemy actor is created they have a set amount of Health and Attack as an internal attribute.

My problem is getting them to "set" the internal health attribute when ever they collide by subtracting the Attack attribute from the collided Health attribute. I've gotten this to work between multiple Spearman actors and Enemy Slime actors,  but when I try to add other actors into the mix they can only collide and won't exchange attributes.

This is mainly because the get and set attribute block requires a specific event for the getting and setting. I like how I can just go through the menus to click on the actor attribute I want, but I'd like Stencyl to just set the Health attribute for whatever actor it collided with. Is there a way to do this? If there isn't, it would mean I would have to create a get/set block for every actor that actor could ever collide with. I like to avoid this because I'd like to have roughly 20 to 30 enemies in my game. Having 20-30 blocks of "if this actor then" seems frightfully inefficient.

Hi first time posting. I'm trying to make an iPhone game with a joystick fixed in the lower left corner. When I test it out in the retina simulator, the joystick stays in the middle of the screen.

Is there a way to specify regular iPhone screen and the retina screen size? or someway of scaling up the coordinates for the joystick?

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