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Chit-Chat / Camera and recording chat thread
« on: June 21, 2024, 11:59:31 am »
I am using a Windows 10 laptop.

I Jason am using an hp laptop.

Hypercam 2 is recording sound but has static background how do I get rid of it please? Thank you.

System->Sound settings are below.

Choose where to play sound Speaker

Speaker Realtek(R) Audio

Volume 67

Mono Audio Off

Choose a device for speaking or recording Stereo Mix Realtek(R) Audio

Volume 55

More Sound Settings

Speaker Realtek(R) Audio checked and chosen

Recording Stereo Mix Realtek(R) Audio Default Device checked and chosen

Communications Mute all other sounds

I use VLC Player to play videos I record with Hypercam 2 Registered

Chit-Chat / Laundry discussion thread
« on: September 30, 2023, 10:44:02 pm »
Laundry discussion thread.

# is the symbol that means number.

Laundry Question #1: Can setting a washer fill size of water to Super damage a washer?

Laundry Question #2: Can a mix of two many different clothes damage a washer?

Laundry Question #3: What else can damage a washer?

Note to all please be careful when washing stuff in washer.

I recommend filling washer only up to three quarters full of laundry and with at most two laundry pods.

I am saying this because once I filled a washer with super size and different clothes and towels and that may have broken a Hotpoint washer of mine.

Awesome Laundry Information #123

Chit-Chat / What is this thread
« on: August 18, 2023, 11:44:30 pm »
Want to know what something is? Ask here and you can give answer here.

What The Simpsons cartoon episode and season is it to where Homer Simpson tells his kids ''go to your rooms and spank yourselves''?

Chit-Chat / YouTube thread
« on: July 21, 2023, 11:25:22 pm »
I have tried wayback machine to watch some of nigella4me's (Lori Hungate is her name) YouTube videos that where either taken down or no longer available to the public.

Are there any safe websites, services etc. that can help me be able to watch any up above mentioned videos please? Thank you.

If you cannot post a link then tell me Jason in text what to google and how to find it or them or both please. Thank you.

Reason I ask is because if I download Stencyl and then install Stencyl and then double click on Stencyl starting program and then click on the x and choose not to log in I may still want to log into my TornadoMan account later on if I open up Stencyl game making program again.

Chit-Chat / Riddles thread
« on: July 14, 2023, 09:04:45 pm »
A riddle is question that has at least one hint to its answer. Also riddles are more than one riddle.

Here is an awesome riddle:

Let's say I Jason make a wish that every zero tolerance for message board spam staff member will not be untruthful during that day (example Wednesday July 19, 2023), and yet on that day such a staff member of a message board on that day tells me something like ''Jason today I will only eat healthy stuff. I am going to have Arby's food today not limited to only fruits and vegetables'' and yet such a staff member is not being untruthful to me how is that possible?

Hint 1: DNA stands for Deoxyribonucleic Acid

Hint 2: You can look up online about different genetics of people.

Answer to this riddle: Such an above mentioned staff member has DNA, genetics etc. that make it to where Arby's food is actually healthy for him or her.

Chit-Chat / WinXDVD and gaming chat thread
« on: July 09, 2023, 07:50:16 pm »
DVD (Digital Video Disc)

SGPL (Stencyl Game Programming Language(

GML (Game Maker Language)

VHS (Video Head System)

Regardless of whether I have free version or paid full version of WinXDVD program what steps must I do in order to get WinXDVD to save fully and properly a .mp4 movie from a DVD to my laptop for personal viewing please? Thank you.

Thank you so extremely super very much Cobra Blade :) : )

Chit-Chat / If an intruder enters your home how would you react?
« on: February 26, 2023, 12:38:27 pm »
You can add or replace intruder with trespasser and you with anyone else.

I would possibly call 911 to report the intruder.

How do I code properly in Stencyl Programming Language something like
Code: [Select]
  if (keyboard_check_pressed(ord("Q")))
    x += 28;
and also
Code: [Select]
with(Heather ID 2)
  if (keyboard_check_pressed(ord("Z")))
    y += 178;
please? Thank you so very much in advance.

^ Basically with Stencyl Programming Language how do I delete last character of text as mentioned above please?

Also with Stencyl blocks (instead of programming) how do I delete last character of text as mentioned above please?

Chit-Chat / SMMr (Super Mario Maker) discussion thread
« on: January 17, 2023, 04:56:24 am »
II is the Roman numeral (number) for 2 (two).

NES stands for Nintendo Entertainment System
and also
are both safe to visit search engine websites to search stuff.

Talk about SMMr (Super Mario Maker) or SMMr 2 or both stuff in this thread.

I Jason have some SMMr2 levels which are
Fire Up The Ante Y7L-1GL-VYF
Mario's Hard Day CTS-4RW-67G
Jason's Course One 3RT-QGV-HSF
Course's name and its ID ^

I have IVYMAN as a Super Mario Maker 2 account named after naming a hero IVYMAN in Dragon Warrior II for NES

Please feel free to play, record, upload footage of etc. any of my Super Mario Maker 2 courses.

I Jason am talkin' about for coding or block (tell both if you know how please) using for in game itself delete last character in Heather_Text_One such as if Heather_Text_One is equal to Hello Jason 127 how do I make it to where whenever I press Z button the last character of text in Heather_Text_One is deleted please?

So for example
Hello Jason 127
Hello Jason 12
if I press Z button.

Thank you all in advance.

I Jason thank you all very much.

Ask a Question / Re: game
« on: August 25, 2022, 04:43:14 am » translated from Vietnamese to English ^> I don't know if there is a version that repeats the Vietnamese program

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