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Windows / Mac / Flash / HTML5 / New game - Scrap Metal
« on: January 11, 2014, 02:26:48 am »
Introducing SCRAP METAL – Donley Time Foundation’s latest game!

Have you ever wanted to manage a Robot Fighter? Maybe win a Robot Fighter Championship perhaps? WELL NOW YOU CAN! Soon you will have your own fighter! YES YOU! Manage him, train him and WIN PRIZES AND UPGRADES!!

Big thanks to Jumping Joe Mad who provided the awesome name for this game (he also named your fav and mine  Boss 101)
Excited! You should be! More news coming and in the meantime – enjoy this very first screen screenshot. Thank you and more to come!


Windows / Mac / Flash / HTML5 / Cosmic Clicks on Newgrounds!
« on: January 01, 2014, 12:59:45 am »

Just finished up Cosmic Clicks and will be putting it up on FGL in a few days.

It’s a game based on the Cookie Clicker concept and I’m pretty happy about how it turned out. A short post mortem is I started on it about 3 weeks ago after Dan Devil went up for bidding on FGL. The whole development process went well and I mark that up to Stencyl’s ease of use and my growing familiarity with it. 

From the screenshots you can see  STEVE and Max make a return from Boss 101. I have to say the Dialog System Justin and Cory created was a great help for the last half of development. I added the dialog a little later in development and planned to use the same system I used on Boss 101 – which was a nightmare in a lot of ways. Boss 101 used a lot of list entries that were hard to check and verify - UGH! HAHAHA

At any rate – I ‘ll keep you posted when it goes live so you can check it out if you like. In the meanwhile enjoy some screenshots from the game!

Best, -Tim

Title Screen

Game Screen

Dialog Extension / [SOLVED] Various Questions
« on: December 20, 2013, 04:52:38 pm »
OK - I think I have a bit of this down. A few questions... (these are based off the sample game "Dialog Extension Sample)

Where are the fonts called from exactly? I don't see a call to specific fonts from the Stencyl directory - they just seem to be there magically. Are they looking in the Windows fonts directory?

Where are the portraits in that sample game coming from? I don't see any actor images in there either.

Finally, I started a new game and started writing dialog. By default it seemed it was pretty easy just to make a dialog and have it called up with the default setting. However I couldn't advance or clear the dialog since the X, C, and V keys didn't seem setup. I added them in the controls in the new game but wasn't getting any results. Might have missed something.

Thanks in advance for any help!


Dialog Extension / [SOLVED] Can't Find Sample Game
« on: December 17, 2013, 03:28:49 pm »
This is really fantastic!

One question - was there a sample scene with some demo's of this in action. I downloaded and got it all installed but didn't notice the "Dialog Extension Sample.stencyl" file in the Forge or the zip. (maybe I missed something obvious!)

Thanks again and great work!


Windows / Mac / Flash / HTML5 / Dan Devil - Done and up for bidding on FGL
« on: November 08, 2013, 08:55:52 pm »
Started on the latest game. Join Dan Devil as he stops a prison outbreak - IN HELL! Fun times! 

Below is a first look screenshot of "Oh Hell No" - the latest game from the Donley Time Foundation. Game development is started. There is a basic game loop in place and assets are being developed and dropped in as we go. The basic gameplay is you have 4 minutes to stop as many prisoners as you can.

The game hands out bonuses and multipliers for big/boss characters. The idea is to keep the bonus multiplier high throughout to score maximum points. You can run jump, grab and slam various vehicles and cars. 

I'll be posting more as it moves forward!


Donley Time Foundation Facebook page
Donley Time Foundation - Main Site

Also - some vehicles and characters you will encounter during gameplay!

Shared Resources / Stencyl 3.0 Dark Timmy's Game Dev Tips 03: Stores
« on: August 10, 2013, 04:06:28 pm »
*** This is a re-post from the 3.0 forums at the request of zhero . I think the ideas can apply to any version of Stencyl but I can't verify since I only use 3.0. ***

Making a Store in Stencyl

I figure this may or may not be helpful to a few of you looking to have a nice little store in your game. I don’t claim to know everything but this does work for me. Comments and Suggestions welcome!

Some starters:
- I use in-game cash earned during rounds to make purchases. In other words – NOT REAL MONEY. You can probably modify what I am doing easy enough if you like.
- My store is set up to sell “hats” (basic attachment) to my main character Max. Once purchased you can equip ONE THING and wear it into battle in the game. You can OWN as many items as you like however.
- I used 2D arrays for storing all my information about what I sell in the store. The 2D array contains the following:
  • Name of item – this is what is displayed in the store
  • Item level – what is the level you can purchase the item at
  • The actor name of item – this is the name of the actor sprite (more later)
  • Cost of the item - self explanatory
  • The X and Y mounting position of the item on the character
  • Item effect stats for in-game – basically what the item grants the wearer.

Step 1.

When the store is created I check my globals for what the player is currently wearing. To make things simple he is ALWAYS wearing something, his base outfit even has a “hat”. I then cross check what he is wearing against the 2D array (below) and pull all the variables from it for selling the hat. I have included this bit of code as an example of what I am doing.

Step 2. Scrolling through the store.

I only scroll left and right through the store and I always start on the hat you are wearing when you load up the store. I’m not going to post all that code since it’s pretty straightforward. The gist of it is you can hit a left and right button and as you do the game will check if there is a hat ahead or behind (depending on the direction you are scrolling) if there is NO hat ahead or behind then the system will reset the scrolling all the way back to beginning or end (depending on the direction you are browsing)

Step 3. What happens when you scroll?

Well each time you hit the button you move to the next hat. When you do that a few things immediately happen.
The game checks to see if there is a hat (as mentioned above)
The game then loads the info for the hat and DESTROYS the old hat.
The game uses the actor name to create the store sprite at 2x the normal size it would normally be in game. Since it is twice the size I can still use the X and Y mounting points from in-game (just have to adjust mathematically)
I create a global tracking list for Hats purchased. It's a simple list that basically tells me if you own the hat or not. "2" means own and "0" means do not own.

Step 4. General Displays

Once I know the hat and have it's info a bunch of checks are run. Again. it's all pretty straightforward logic.

If you do not own the hat and have the money. You are given the option to buy it.

If you own the hat and do not have it equipped. You are given the option to equip it.

If the hat is level locked a message is displayed telling you

If you own the hat and are wearing it that is displayed too.

In Conclusion

That's the main workings of the store and the logic that goes behind it. I think the code included was pretty much the only time consuming part for me. Even that wasn't really too hard. The buttons and stuff changing their labels and aligning the text is also pretty straightforward.

At any rate - comments or questions welcome and I hope this gives some people ideas or inspiration.


PS Looking at this I might change that "Buy" on the level locked hat to say "Wait". hahahah

Archives / Some thoughts on the future of Stencyl...
« on: August 08, 2013, 12:20:20 am »
Welp, this is in response to the announcement of Matt's Kickstarter and his taking his game Ghost Song over to the Unity game engine. To me - that is unfortunate news as we should obviously want people to stay with Stencyl if possible/reasonable. It's a great 2D engine and from what I know Unity isn't all that hot for 2D development (but that is changing). What is does have is a ton of users. As an artist I can tell you many programs which were at one point sub-par but had the momentum of the community (ie Photoshop and 3DSmax WAY back in the day) basically end up taking over. More users of all types means more sales, games and more examples and tutorials for all.

I have thoughts about  things which would make Stencyl a little better and before i unload all that I think something which would be REALLY appreciated is a clear, dated, roadmap of the upcoming Stencyl 3.0 features.

Allow me to explain. We have already gone over how sending in accurate bug reports to Jon and the gang is important. I get it. What I want to know (as a developer) is where are things at? I'm planning to do a lot with Stencyl and with my experience I assume if it's not in now it's not going to be in anytime soon. That's what nearly 20 years in software has taught me. This means as long as I am happy making Flash games and some limited mobile games (which I have had spotty success with porting Boss 101) Stencyl is the way to go.

If I knew or had a better sense of the overall plan I think I would feel better. I have to admit I have a few friends in indie development and most are using Unity and none are using Stencyl. Personally I think that is because Unity is a known quantity. Stencyl 2.2 is also a known quantity. It's 3.0 I am working with though and I am banking quite a bit on it.

I know it may be a lot to ask but what I am seeing is more akin to a to-do list for 3.0 and less a scheduled plan. That's fine if that is what it is. If this is "we're done when we're done" I'm OK with that but it's fair to say it aloud too. I'm stoked about Stencyl and I love the progress on Boss 101. As Matt said - the workflow is amazing and I love what I can do.

I'll post some more in the thread I'm sure but that is something right off the top of my head. I hope the interpretation of what I am saying comes across - I LOVE STENCYL!



The short story:
I'm working on a new game called Boss 101. You might have guessed already but it's a game where you ONLY fight bosses/boss battles! I like to think of it as Pacific Rim meets Adventure Time. Ambitious, huh?!?! HAHAHA!

It’s early but I wanted to give the Stencyl Community the VERY FIRST public look at what’s going on. I have the feeling most people here can appreciate the blood, sweat and tears one puts into a labor of love. Bear with me – it’s a long post if you want to read it all!

FIRST - you can now play the demo here on this site...

The slightly longer story:
Boss 101 is designed to be about fun gameplay with short, easy to get into rounds. It’s a side scrolling shooter and the idea is for people invest 2-3 minutes of time a round. There are gun upgrades, a store for dress up items and decoration as well as a constant stream of boss variations. Additionally – there is constant dialog between the player and the main characters.

At the heart of the game is the boss creator. A fully procedural way to create new bosses from a pool of heads, bodies and weapons. With over 100 of each to choose from there is little chance the player will get the same game over and over. Additionally the dialog system is designed to keep the players interested in what’s going on with the main characters Max (your alter ego) and STEVE (the jetpack). The game doesn’t take itself too seriously and regularly breaks the fourth wall with the player to keep the mood light and the pace interesting.

Basic Ideas:
•   Short rounds designed to be fun, challenging and varied.
•   Varied commentary between STEVE, Max and the bosses
•   Fun looking characters and settings to battle in. Constant stream of new enemies and situations
•   Layered gameplay - not too hard for casual pick up and play.
•   101 levels, 101 bosses to beat, collection and upgrades throughout
•   A procedural system to allow for millions of variations including a chicken headed samurai robot.

Some screens from development

The current Make a Boss screen (the demo has an early version)

A portion of the upgrade panel

One of the first gameplay screenshots from the Android version

Gameplay with STEVE and Max getting slammed by rockets

Gun Upgrades include the mighty Fist Cannon

Rounds always start with some banter between Max, STEVE and the boss

Bosses talk too

Here are some examples of the kinds of bosses you might randomly roll

A Monkadactyl on a rampage

The Triceracluck firing rockets

Winged Dogasaur

BrontaDogasaurus. Very tough, very slow and VERY hard to kill!

One of the Seven Samurai Bots with side splitting sword action…

Plot (if you're still reading):
You are Max, a teenager who finds an alien jetpack and ends up saving the world by accident.

Aliens landed on Earth and are taking over cities across the world. They've created what they think are the most feared bosses of all time. Mechanical dinosaurs, robot samurai, and even domestic cat and dog bosses. Armed with alien tech, kitty missiles and water balls they are daring the human race to come and reclaim what it rightfully owns.

Their ultimate goal is conquest but they didn’t count on one of their own rebelling and joining the Earthlings. Unfortunately for Earth, the robot to leave was the least liked, most sarcastic of all, a robot named STEVE.

STEVE makes his way to Earth and teams up with Max. From there they go around to various overrun cities and start taking out the bosses. Using the captured boss brains they build an Ultra Gun (so powerful it destroyed Earth’s second moon) to defeat the last, most fearsome of the robots – Boss 101.

My backstory
I got Stencyl about 3 months ago and had no prior programming experience. It was a godsend and pretty easy to get into thanks in HUGE part to the community here being super helpful. I’ve been having a blast making this game and hope to make many more. My background is in the games industry but I have not gone it on my own until now. I did a lot of research about possible game engines and for what I wanted this was by far the best fit.

My plan is to wrap up development in September and do a twofold release. First to the web and then to the iOS and Android. I’ve never done anything exactly like this before but so many people have been so nice and I can’t thank everyone enough.

Help, comments and suggestions are more than welcome. Also – I will answer any and all questions I can.

Thank you so much and more to come soon!


Fixed Bugs (3.x) / 1.5x Scaling acting strange, 2x scaling seems fine
« on: June 03, 2013, 01:45:15 pm »

Working on my game I noticed something off. It's being made at 480x320 resolution for mobiles and I test it at times at 2x scale in Flash on my desktop. I noticed when I set the output to 1.5x scale the whole game looks strange, the text is getting cut off a little on the front and back, the game actually jitters severely when I scroll about a level. Really weird stuff that goes completely away at 1x or 2x playing resolution and doesn't seem to happen at all on mobiles (at least that I can tell).

My question is, of course, does anyone know what might be causing this since I would like to publish a flash version of my game and 1.5x is a nice size. Barring that if there was a way to scale when I embed the game that's fine too. I tried a couple things on my Wordpress site to test it but no matter what the game seemed to want to display at 1x if I published at 1x. I set the flash window for 720x480 but all i got was black border on right and bottom.

So to be clear my two questions are:

1. Does anyone know why 1.5x scaling would go wacky where 1x and 2x don't?
2. If I publish a game at 1x can I change the output size when I embed it.

Assume I know nothing cause I am pretty new to a lot of this so perhaps the answer lies IN FRONT OF ME!!! HAHAHAHAHAH HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

Thank you kindly for any help!


Fixed Bugs (3.x) / Animated Tilesets not working in game
« on: April 15, 2013, 12:56:07 pm »
I don't know if this is related to the other tileset issue mentioned here but animated tilesets don't appear to work in the game at the moment. I created one and though it will preview in the layout using the "run animation" button it will not animate in the Flash game.

In addition there are a lot of wonky things happening in the creation of animated tilesets. When I make a tileset one and add animation frames the OK button doesn't seem to work (and nothing shows up in the log window either to indicate an error).

I should say this is exactly what happens
  • Add a new animation frame to a tile.
  • Click OK - nothing
  • Click Cancel - seemingly the frame is saved
  • Click the frame again to change the timing
  • Change the timing
  • Click OK - nothing
  • Click cancel - the timing seems to have been saved.

I know that one has been mentioned but I'm not sure if anyone has been able to successfully create a working animated tileset recently. Maybe legacy ones still work?


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